18.1 is Now Available – Easier Connections!

Version 18.1 of SQL Developer is now available.

Go download that here.

So much to talk about, so many blogs 🙂

Most importantly, there are a TON of bug fixes in this release. Many of them reported on twitter, blog posts, and our forums. So thanks again for all that feedback.

Today I want to talk about the first thing you’ll see, our new ‘Welcome Page.’

It used to look like this –

Back in the time before time, we walked uphill, both ways!

Then it went to this –

Still just a fancy list of links.

Make it better AND more helpful

The #1 thing folks struggle with when starting with Oracle Database and SQL Developer – making a connection. We have docs, I’ve written blogs, we got videos, but what if we could make the tool a bit easier? So we did that.

We’ll –

  • Show you the TNSNames file we find
  • Or let you load your own TNS
  • Show you databases you’ve connected to previously
  • Help you GET a database

Looks a little bit like this.

We found a TNS file – what’s in it?

We look for TNS files in the same place your other Oracle tools look. If we find one, we show you where we found it. And show you what’s in it. AND you can hover over an entry to see how that Alias or Entry is defined.

And if you CLICK on it, we’ll add that connection to your list, in a folder called, TNS.

But what if we CAN’T find your TNS? Or what if you have a one-off copy of a file you’d like to use to define a connection? No problem.

Click, nav, click, OK

This will get loaded up in memory for defining connections – but WON’T become your new TNS file. For that to happen, you need to put it in the ight place(s).



Your last 5 or so connections will get tracked in the Recent panel. Clicking on these entries will OPEN those connections. I’ve found myself using this, a LOT.

Your list will be more exciting than mine. You’ll see these AFTER you start SQLDev the next time after making any connections.

But I Don’t Have a Database 🙁

So get one. Here are a few to choose from.

Other Things

Yeah, we have lots of links. Places to follow us online for news and such.

We even have some pictures showing you what SQL Developer can actually do.


No Like?

This is our first go at the connections bits. Let us know what you think, and we can tweak for v18.2 or 18.3 or … you could close the page and not use it again.

Set it and forget it.

But try leaving it on for at least a few days, and see if you don’t like that ‘Recent’ feature.

Yes, this is a JavaFX powered screen. Yes, that DOES normally suck up some GPU power..but we found a way to avoid that, so you can have your good looks and performance too!

Oh and if you do leave it on, when there’s a new version available, the banner up top will let you know!



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