All About Versions – Time to Upgrade?

We’ve gone a bit manic when it comes to releasing updates for SQL Developer:- 4x a year, or once a quarter. We’re committed to delivering on this schedule, but we reserve the right to skip a release if there’s no urgent need.

More frequent releases means not as much time to wait for bug fixes, and also that new features will be rolled out in smaller changes vs more dramatic ones.

Here’s where we’ve been:

Many of you have been here since Raptor – thank you!

To infinity and beyond!

Statement of Direction

You can find that in full, here. But the short version of it is:

Oracle SQL Developer will continue to introduce support for and enhance the user experience with new Oracle Database features. In addition, existing SQL Developer features will continue to be enhanced as well as new features will be developed based on the feedback of our large and active user community. To date, Oracle SQL Developer has implemented 750 user-submitted ideas on our SQL Developer Exchange.
Upcoming, quarterly updates will focus on the following areas –

  • Database administration features, specifically database performance and status diagnostics
  • Data uploads from on premises to Oracle Public Cloud Database Services
  • Securing your database application code from SQL injection vulnerabilities
  • SQL Developer Web – a SQL Developer interface in your browser for working with and managing your Oracle Public Cloud Database Services

Catch up on features…

Here are all my posts by version of SQLDev:

Ok, Do You Need to Upgrade?


Each version of SQL Developer has been the best version available at that time. Version 4 was a HUGE jump in performance, features, and quality – we worked on if for almost 2 years! If you’re on a version older than 4, then you DEFINITELY NEED TO UPGRADE.

After that, I’d say why not go and get whatever’s the latest every 6 months or so.

Also – as each new version of Oracle Database is released, we have DB feature specific support go into a corresponding release of SQL Developer. So, just be sure your SQLDev came out AFTER the latest version of Oracle Database you are working with on a regular basis. In other words, if you use version 3.2 of SQLDev against a 12cR2 Database, you won’t get any of the 12R2 feature support 🙁

Here is a handy chart to help you decide:

Just upgrade already.

How Do I Upgrade?

Get the new software/zip. Extract it to a FRESH directory. Start the application. Say ‘yes’ to migrating your settings over. Use the new version for a few weeks. Once you’re happy, feel free to nuke the previous install(s). That’s about it.



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