How to Compare a Specific Subset of DB Objects

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please, is it possible to define and save a (sub)set of objects for comparison? In Databasediff wizard we have an option to define objects, but it’s a bit cumbersome to do the same thing over and over again, so it would be highly useful to save options and selected items for comparison for future use.

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The answer is, Yes!

We have a nice Oracle By Example on this topic available here.

Use the Cart!

Define the objects to be used for the compare using Cart. Find them in your target database. Drag them to a cart.

Open the Cart.

I’m going to add 3 TABLES from HR.

Now I’m going to invoke the DIFF using the DIFF button on the Cart toolbar.

I need to pick my HR_COPY connection for the Destination Connection.

I need to change my CONNECTION to the Target Instance (HR_COPY) and click ‘Apply.’

And now we’re only going to compare those 3 tables.


And then we’ll get our results, as you normally would using the Database Diff item on the Tools menu.

I’m missing some important stuff it appears.

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The Cart can do a LOT.

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PS What about PL/SQL?

Yeah, you can drop that into a CART and do a DB DIFF to compare your PLSQL objects as well.

It’s just a text-compare…



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