How Training + Certification Keeps the DBA Relevant

There’s been a lot of talk about the changing role of the DBA.  But is the DBA out of a job?  No way according to this recent Forbes article Autonomous Capabilities Will Make Data Warehouses — And DBAs — More Valuable  According to Penny Avril, Vice president of Oracle Database product management. “DBAs still need to understand where the data lives, what the data represents, and which people and applications should get to see which data.”

How does the DBA keep their role relevant?  By having the skills to meet the new demands for business optimization along with a reputation of continuous learning and improvement.

The Oracle Database Upgrade Learning Subscription  helps with both.  Training + certification integrated; designed to help the DBA stay valuable with up-to-date skills on the latest in database technology.

Already an Oracle DBA Certified Professional?  Be current – with one exam Upgrade Oracle DBA 11g or 12c to 12c R2

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