List of Conferences & Events w/ MySQL, April – June 2018! – continued

As an update to the blog posted on April 4, 2018 we would like to update the list of events where you can find MySQL. Please see the four new conferences below: 

  • DevTalks, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, May 16, 2018
    • MySQL became a customized sponsor of this show. We will have  MySQL keynote given by Georgi Kodinov, the MySQL Senior SW Development Manager. We are still working on the topic, please watch the organizers’ website for further updates. 
  • SyntaxCon,  Charleston, SC, US, June 6-8, 2018  
    • MySQL Community team is going to be Bronze sponsor of SyntaxCon conference. This time we are going without booth, but with already approved MySQL talk. Please find the talk in the schedule, David Stokes, the MySQL Community Manager will be talking about “MySQL 8 - A New Beginning”. Talk is scheduled for Thursday, June 7 @1:15pm  
  • PyCon Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand, June 16-17,
    • 2018  MySQL is going to support & attend this conference. This time we are going without booth, but with "on site" staffing by Ronen Baram, the Principal Sales Consultant. Ronen also submitted a MySQL talk and we hope it will be approved. Please watch organizers website for further updates.  
  • DataOps Barcelona, Spain, June 21-22, 2018
    • We are happy to announce that MySQL Community team is going to be Community sponsor of DataOps Barcelona. The MySQL Community Manager, Fred Descamps will be talking about MySQL 8.0, Cluster & Document store. Please do not miss his and others' well known MySQL speakers's talks which will be announced in the schedule section of the conference website.

Please be aware that the list does not have to be final, during the time more events could be added or some of them removed. We will keep you informed!





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