Live webinar on ClusterControl 1.2.11: features support for MariaDB’s MaxScale and is our best PostgreSQL release yet!

Join us for this live webinar on Tuesday, October 27th, led by our colleague Art van Scheppingen, Senior Support Engineer at Severalnines. Art recently joined us from Spil Games in Amsterdam, where he was Head of Database Engineering. He’ll be discussing and demonstrating the new release of ClusterControl and will be available for questions on its new features.

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This is our best release yet for Postgres users and we’re also introducing key new features for our MySQL / MariaDB users, such as support for MaxScale, an open-source, database-centric proxy that works with MariaDB Enterprise, MariaDB Enterprise Cluster, MariaDB 5.5, MariaDB 10 and Oracle MySQL. The release further includes a range of performance improvements and bug fixes. 

Some of the highlights of ClusterControl 1.2.11 include: 

  • For PostgreSQL
    • Deployment and Management of Postgres Replicated Setups
    • Customisable dashboards
    • Database performance charts for nodes
    • Enablement of ClusterControl DevStudio
  • Support for MaxScale
    • Deployment and management of MaxScale load balancer
  • For MySQL
    • Add Existing HAProxy and Keepalived
    • Deployment of MySQL Replication setups
    • Improvements in charting of metrics
    • Revamped Configuration Management
    • New Database Logs Page
    • Revamped MySQL User Management


Full details of the release:

We encourage you to provide feedback on your testing. And if you’d like a demo, feel free to request one.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and we look forward to seeing you at the webinar!

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