More on Working with PL/SQL Packages – Ordering their Contents

Normally when someone asks me about ordering packages, I check the doorstop for our daily Amazon delivery. Ok, it just seems that way, and I’m lucky that my awesome wife/partner doesn’t read this blog…

…but what we’re really here to talk about is finding stuff in your PL/SQL package.

I think there are 2 types of folks:

  1. Those that code willy-nilly: they build out each variable, procedure, type, function as it pops into their mind
  2. Those that pretend they’re not in group 1

Unfortunately when it comes to browsing your PL/SQL, that well crafted package declaration comes back to bite you.

So what’s a developer to do?

Have it your way, right-click

One of these should work for you.

By default we show it the way the developer wanted you to see it – as it’s coded.

I think this one is probably the most logical way to go if you’re going to change things up.

Show me these things in alpha, then those things in alpha…

I’m right-clicking ON a package member to get this context menu, but it’s on the package itself as well, just with all the other things.

Happy Friday, folks!

If you want a fun package to test this with, then I suggest giving SYS.DBMS_METADATA a go.



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