Oracle Database on the Docker Store

You probably know that there’s an official github repository storing Dockerfiles and samples to build Docker images for Oracle products and Open Source projects. Now Oracle takes one more step to support Docker. Oracle Brings Oracle’s Flagship Databases and Developer Tools to the Docker Store (you can read the official announcement). Oracle Linux was already on the Docker Store. Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, Oracle client tools, Oracle Weblogic, Oracle Coherence, Java 8 SE are also released on the Docker Store. Now you don’t need to build the image, you can download and use the image from the Docker Store.

To be able to use them, first you need to login to the Docker Store, select the Docker Image you want and click “get content” button. Then the Docker store will ask you enter your contact information (name, phone, company etc), and you have to accept “the Oracle license agreement”.

When we complete the form, we see the instructions (and a sample environment file) to use it. The environment file sets the required parameters such as database SID, password. So now we’re ready to get the image.

I login to the docker (using command line) and pull the image:

gatil:~ gokhan.atil$ docker login
Login with your Docker ID to push and pull images from Docker Hub. If you don't have a Docker ID, head over to to create one.
Username: gokhanatil
Login Succeeded
gatil:~ gokhan.atil$ docker pull store/oracle/database-enterprise: Pulling from store/oracle/database-enterprise
abf7e4428604: Pull complete 
00dfe33d8ca6: Pull complete 
bd2b2e675457: Pull complete 
599b3db5a3e4: Pull complete 
0e47b3ce0d30: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:a5ce72142f33e667b330b2dba186f3554bcf88fd2f3c3853cf76873b08e56a89
Status: Downloaded newer image for store/oracle/database-enterprise:

Then, I copied the sample environment file, modified the password, SID and domain, and run the docker image (my environment file name is testere.dat and my image name is testere):

docker run -d --env-file testere.dat -p 1521:1521 -p 5500:5500 -it --name testere --shm-size="4g" store/oracle/database-enterprise:

Be careful that the shm-size must be 4g or higher.

One of the good thing is, we do not need to provide Oracle Database installation files for these images. Oracle put the all required files into the repository images. You may need to increase the memory resources of Docker. When I run the above command, I see that container created instantly but infact it requires to unzip the database software and create the database during on the first run. I waited for a while and followed the logs:

gatil:Desktop gokhan.atil$ docker logs -f testere
User check : root.
Setup Oracle Database
Oracle Database Setup
Thu Apr 20 07:56:42 UTC 2017

Check parameters ......
log file is : /home/oracle/setup/log/paramChk.log is done at 0 sec

untar DB bits ......
log file is : /home/oracle/setup/log/untarDB.log is done at 130 sec

config DB ......
log file is : /home/oracle/setup/log/configDB.log is done at 409 sec

Done ! The database is ready for use .
Thu Apr 20 07:56:42 UTC 2017
User check : root.
Setup Oracle Database

It’s done. I examined these logs and see that the scripts had some “ignorable” errors about patching. I also see that the database is a container database and it comes with a pluggable database named “PDB1”.

I connected my test database running on Docker, using my favorite SQL client (Oracle SQL Developer) and checked the status. Everything looks OK.



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