The Oracle Optimizer and ADWC – Statistics and Bulk Load

It's time for some posts on the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud and the enhancements we've made to Statistics Management and the Oracle Optimizer. This is Part 1, and it covers statistics maintenance during bulk load. I'll add links to the other posts when they become available. 

My scripts on the topic of autonomous are stored in GitHub here. The scripts for this post are here.

Statistics and Bulk Loading

Consider an empty fact table called FACT1. Let's populate it with 10,000 rows using a bulk transform and load operation from FACT1_SOURCE:

SQL> insert /*+ APPEND */ into fact1 select num0,1,txt1 from fact1_source; 10,000 rows inserted. Elapsed: 00:00:00.519 -- Take a look at stats... select table_name,num_rows,sample_size,stale_stats from user_tab_statistics where table_name = 'FACT1'; TABLE_NAME NUM_ROWS SAMPLE_SIZE STALE ------------------------------ ---------- ----------- ----- FACT1 10000 10000 NO

We can see that there are valid statistics on FACT1, and this will come as no surprise if you are familiar with online statistics gathering

Now let's bulk load another 10,000 rows...

SQL> insert /*+ APPEND */ into fact1 select num0,2,txt1 from fact1_source; 10,000 rows inserted. Elapsed: 00:00:00.414 ... TABLE_NAME NUM_ROWS SAMPLE_SIZE STALE ------------------------------ ---------- ----------- ----- FACT1 20000 20000 NO

This is new behavior: ADWC maintains statistics on each subsequent direct path load. The demo script continues to insert more rows (from FACT1 so that we rapidly increase the row count) until finally...

SQL> insert /*+ APPEND */ into fact1 select num0,16,txt1 from fact1; 81,920,000 rows inserted. Elapsed: 00:00:49.970 ... TABLE_NAME NUM_ROWS SAMPLE_SIZE STALE ------------------------------ ---------- ----------- ----- FACT1 163840000 163840000 NO

What about histograms?

SQL> select table_name,column_name,low_value,high_value,sample_size,histogram   from user_tab_col_statistics   where table_name = 'FACT1'; TABLE_NAME COLUMN_NAME LOW_VALUE HIGH_VALUE SAMPLE_SIZE HISTOGRAM ----------- ------------ ---------- --------------- ----------- --------------- FACT1 NUM0 C102 C302 163840000 HYBRID FACT1 NUM1 C102 C111 163840000 FREQUENCY FACT1 TXT1 58585831 58585839393939 163840000 HYBRID

We have histograms too!


I connected to ADWC using the HIGH consumer group and within two or three minutes I populated FACT1 with over 160 million rows using a series of bulk load operations. Statistics (including histograms) were maintained automatically.

Not bad!

Part 2 of this series is here.








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