Month: December 2011

Forcing the issue

Some ASM commands have the “force” option that allows the administrator to override a default behaviour. While some uses of the force option are perfectly safe and indeed required, some may render your disk group unusable. Let’s have a closer look.Moun…

Oracle 10g CRS安装问题解决一例

如同我在《我们应该怎样安装Oracle数据库?》这一篇文章提及,只要安装Oracle软件的时候严格按文档操作,通常不会遇到太大的问题。但是,现实环境总是那么复杂,在一些新的软件组合或者是新的版本上进行安装,容易遇到一些比较复杂的或者说是解决起来不是那么容易的问题。本文将要描述的就是在这样一个环境下的安装:HP-UX 11.31 IA64、Symantec SFRAC、Oracle 10g RAC。当安装CRS运行root.sh时,一直挂起,也就是说,root.sh一直过不去。下面列出这个问题的解决过程,供朋友们参考。

WARNING: directory ‘/oracle/app/oracle/product’ is not owned by root
WARNING: directory ‘/oracle/app/oracle’ is not owned by root
WARNING: directory ‘/oracle/app’ is not owned by root
WARNING: directory ‘/oracle’ is not owned by root
Checking to see if Oracle CRS stack is already configured
Checking to see if any 9i GSD is up

Setting the permissions on OCR […]

Latch Timescales

To compare old and new latch mechanisms, I found useful the following illustration. Since it is hard for us, humans, to visualize milli- and microseconds, imagine “time microscope” that zooms in timed events one million times. Alternatively, just imagine contemporary Oracle software running on 1950th style hardware. Such microscope will magnify the microsecond to second. […]

Why was the RULE hint ignored?

Recently I got a call from a customer that had just upgraded to Oracle
Database and was panicking because they thought the Rule Based
Optimizer (RBO) had been removed from Oracle Database 11g. The reason
they thought this was because when they tried to add the RULE hint to a
SQL statement they still got a Cost Based Optimizer (CBO) plan.

OUI Updates Update

We’ve now received a response to the issue described in the previous entry. In short oui updates at install time are broken (apparently fixed in, but no updates are available for that release yet to check. Hi , The OUI looks for the metadata for the patches. There is an unpublished bug 11709996 on […]

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