Month: July 2012

Adaptive STAT lines in SQL trace

Lately I’ve been using SQL runtime execution statistics combined with SQL monitor for performance diagnostics and, honestly, almost forgot about SQL trace. So this note is not very useful to me but it might be to someone: along with ALL_EXECUTIONS option appeared in (I believe) 11gR2, there’s a new option starting with which can […]

Mutex waits. Part III. Contemporary Oracle wait schemes diversity.

Several months have passed since my previous “mutex wait” post. I was so busy with work and conference presentations. Thanks to all my listeners at UKOUG2011, Hotsos2012 and Medias2012 conferences and several seminars for inspiring questions and conversations. I. Unexpected change. Now it is time to discuss how contemporary Oracle waits for mutexes. My previous […]

Exporting DBFS via NFS

Anybody who was thinking about exporting DBFS via NFS have probably stumbled upon the fact the Oracle says it can not be done: DBFS does not support exporting NFS or SAMBA exportsWhat’s wrong with DBFS?There is nothing wrong with DBFS itself. The probl…

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