Month: October 2012

Why you should use Application Services with your Oracle Database

On a Single-Instance Oracle Database, Application Services offer benefits for Performance Monitoring & Tracing. That’s the focus of this posting. If you are on RAC respectively Data Guard already, you will use Services at least to provide Connect-Time Failover. You may find some additional useful things to do with them here. The playing field: SQL> […]

Select statement generating redo – and lost write detection

Gwen Shapira has written a nice summary of a problem case where the classic wait interface based troubleshooting method is not always enough for troubleshooting low-level issues. The top SQL + top wait approach should usually be used as the starting point of troubleshooting a session, workload etc, but often the troubleshooting does not stop […]

My Oracle Support 6.3 – 知识库重点

My Oracle Support 6.3 在2012年10月13日推出,我们提供了超过30个新功能和60+bug 修复.


  • 搜索建议自动校正拼写错误,how to问题有更多的建议增强了易用性来看到建议的其他项
  • My Oracle Support的仪表板改进了知识库区域在这个区域的最近搜索现在保留了搜索属性(预先选定的产品或版本)
    • 搜索提示:如果在My Oracle Support的仪表盘知识库区域显示在右列中第一区域首先考虑个性化仪表盘把它放第一位,以方便搜索指定你正在研究的问题的产品和其版本及任务在大多数情况,得到更精确的搜索有关详细信息,参阅
  • 更好地支持搜索ORA-600ORA-700:搜索“ORA-600 [ARG1]”和搜索“ORA-00600: Internal Error
    Code, Arguments: [Arg1]”,其结果是没有区别的。
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