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RMAN-20035: invalid high recid

While moving our database backups to use new version of HP Data Protector software, I got a hick up on one database with “RMAN-20035: invalid high recid” error.RMAN-03014: implicit resync of recovery catalog failedRMAN-06004: ORACLE error from recovery…

Java 7 EE Launch : June 12th & 13th

The Oracle ACE program recently invited members to a teleconference session about the upcoming launch of Java 7 EE. Arun Gupta took us through a preview of the information that will be available to everyone as part of the launch. If you are interested in getting the low down on this new release, you can […]

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May 2013 Oracle Certification E-Magazine

We all want to get the best jobs, work on great projects, attract and retain top employees, and advance our careers. As we all know, there’s no “holy grail” or single tool to accomplish all of that (despite my wishes). Rather, these goals require a multitude of skill combinations, work and life experiences, temperaments, ambitions, and a latticework of training courses/programs over the years. When the moment comes for you to find the best person for a project or acquire a full-time employee to work in your group, you get mere moments to try and assess all of these pieces and more. As a candidate, those same “mere moments” apply to you as you try and showcase your best in an extremely short amount of time. 

Here at Oracle University we devote the specific attention of a cross-section of experts to architecting and delivering exams that separate the qualified from the ‘not so qualified’. A very exacting science goes into the craft of building each test question, the resulting correct answer and each distractor (incorrect answer), the time allotments, the sequencing of the questions, the alpha and beta testing, and determine the exact cut score that is required to pass the exam.

Now while no employer should use this as a single tool to evaluate for advancement and new hires, it is an excellent resource to evaluate candidate technical ability. Candidates and management alike can review the knowledge domains and objectives for any our exams directly on our website at – where we list exactly what the qualified candidate has demonstrated that they are able to do and how well they can do it.

Candidates often use preparing for an Oracle Certification as both a training framework and an advancement tool, where the required work, study and practice pushes them in areas far outside the comfort zone of their day-to-day work. This broadening and deepening of skill sets is seen as a key advantage for both candidates and employer.

In this quarter’s edition of the Oracle Certification E-Magazine, we focus on endorsing a new set of industry gurus in Oracle Database 11g Release 2 SQL Tuning and Oracle Exadata X3 Administration with the release of two new certifications: the “Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle Database 11g Release 2 SQL Tuning” and “Oracle Exadata X3 Administration Oracle Certified Expert” – both Oracle Certified Expert (OCE) certifications, and both requiring passing only a single exam. If you work in these areas, have people working in these areas, or are hiring in these areas – I encourage you to check them out. 

Harold Green
Sr. Manager, Oracle Certification Program

MAY 2013 Oracle Certification E-Magazine 

UKOUG Combined AIM and Database Server SIG Agenda

On 18th July, the UKOUG has a combined technical Oracle SIG in London. I am (a) deputy chairman of the Availability, Infrastructure and Management (AIM) SIG, which concentrates on subjects like RAC, Exadata and Grid Control, and we are combining forces with the Database Server SIG to produce a 2-stream technical Super-SIG. The Agenda is […]

New SLOB2 Physical I/O Harness

Short post to point out that I’ve now posted the updated PIO Test Harness for SLOB2. This can be used to run multiple SLOB tests with varying numbers of workers and values of UPDATE_PCT. In addition there is also a revised version of the AWR analyzer shell script which can be used to extract various […]



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在My Oracle Support中快速找到解决方案

“在My Oracle Support寻找解决方案”的讲座是为那些每天处理日常问题和使用Oracle产品而产生的问题的客户设计的。即使对My Oracle

本讲座旨在为客户获得My Oracle Support的搜索提供专业知识,了解如何为特定的信息需求选择最好的搜索技术,以及参与My Oracle

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My Oracle Support 客户用户管理员技巧 客户用户管理员(CUA)研讨会针对新的Oracle客户支持环境的客户,以及那些想更好地了解My Oracle

本讲座让客户了解My Oracle
Support的管理和访问模型。将包括用户类型,客户用户管理员(CUA)的基本功能,有效地使用您的CUA最佳做法,CUA如何使用My Oracle

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Premier Support 介绍


Oracle Support平台和支持术语,支持的最佳实践,以及服务请求升级过程也将被讨论。

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30分钟的在线讲座提供了My Oracle

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My Oracle Support 基础

本讲座的目标客户是那些想要学习My Oracle Support门户基本功能。此演示包括功能概述,仪表板定制,搜索内容和修补程序,使用My Oracle

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您也可以访问 My Oracle Support
来查看其它安排好的在线课程。要转换为本地时间,请参考 world


提供了一系列建议的培训课程,请参考 note 603505.1
来得到预先录制的课程清单,这里有很大一部分使用了普通话(Mandarin)。您需要使用 Internet Explorer 及您的 My Oracle
Support 单点登录账号来学习这些录制的课程。

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