Month: June 2013

12c Funny

Here’s a quirky little thing I discovered about 5 minutes after installing 12c Beta 1 (cut-n-pasted from SQL*Plus): You can’t create views with names that start with V$ or GV$ in the sys schema. Presumably to eliminate the risk of someone’s clever view definition from overwriting and disabling one of the distributed dynamic performance views […]

Oracle Database 12c Virtual RAC Installation on Oracle Linux 6

I finally got my server problems sorted out yesterday, so I was able to do a 12c virtual RAC installation. You can see what I did here: Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( RAC On Oracle Linux 6 Using VirtualBox The setup is pretty much the same as the 11gR2 setup. So there’s no real […]

Oracle Database 12c Virtual RAC Installation on Oracle Linux 6 was first posted on June 29, 2013 at 3:44 pm.
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Illogical Tuning

The title is a bit of a joke, really. It’s mirroring a title I used a little over a year ago “Logical Tuning” and reflects my surprise that a silly little trick that I tried actually worked. If you don’t want to read the original article, here’s a quick précis – I started with the […]

Oracle 12c: XMLIndex Support for Hash Partitioning

XMLIndex support for Hash Partitioning is now also supported in Oracle 12c. In Oracle 11 there was already support for RANGE and LIST partitioning, but not yet for HASH partitioning. Some examples for the later two: LIST Partitioning on XMLType — — Create partitioned LIST partitioned XMLType table —   DROP TABLE list_part_xml PURGE;  

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12c – Utl_Call_Stack…

Over the next couple of months, I’ll be writing about some cool new little features of Oracle Database 12c – things that might not make the front page of  I’m going to start with a new package – UTL_CALL_STACK.In the past, developers h…


There is a new default in town. Mark my words, you will encounter the following during your 12c life-cycle… From the Oracle 12c Reference manual PGA_AGGREGATE_LIMIT: PGA_AGGREGATE_LIMIT PGA_AGGREGATE_LIMIT specifies a limit on the aggregate PGA memory consumed by the instance. There is no difference in behavior between PGA_AGGREGATE_LIMIT being explicitly set or being set to

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