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Just a little whimsy – the most famous (misquoted?) line from the fairy-tale in the title is (probably) “you shall go to the ball”. Despite having all my abstracts rejected I will be speaking at OOW 2013, courtesy of “the Optimizer Lady”, Maria Colgan. Oracle Optimizer Boot Camp: 10 Optimizer Tips You Can’t Do Without [CON8643] […]

LAOTN Tour (Southern Leg) : Arrived in Santiago, Chile…

I’m now in the hotel in Santiago, Chile. The flights were fine. I landed in Paris with just enough time to walk to the departure gate and board my next flight. The Air France boarding was a bit chaotic, and once again there was no vegetarian food. With many airlines, booking a special meal seems […]

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DB2 10.5 New Features

DB2 10.5 New Features


A short while ago the latest release of IBM’s magnificent DB2 10.5 was released, there are several new features, which are explained in detail at the following link:

The analytics accelerating feature BLU


IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration speeds analytics and reporting using dynamic in-memory columnar technologies. In-memory columnar technologies provide an extremely efficient way to scan and find relevant data. Coupled with innovations such as parallel vector processing and actionable compression, it makes your analytic queries far faster and less complex. So you can connect with the information you need at breakthrough speed and volume.

1) Analytics at the speed of thought

DB2 with BLU Acceleration combines advanced, innovative capabilities to accelerate analytic workloads for databases and data warehouses.

DB2 with BLU Acceleration also integrates with IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence to provide reporting and deeper analysis. You can analyze key facts and freely explore information from multiple angles and perspectives to make more informed decisions—all from within DB2.

2) Less data storage required

DB2 with BLU Acceleration dynamically moves data from storage. Database tuning, indexes and aggregates are not needed, which improves storage efficiency and helps lower your storage space requirement. In fact, clients have reported compression rates of 10 times that of un-compressed tables.

The system uses available hardware such as memory, I/O and CPU to help reduce memory latency and processing. Hardware optimization streamlines administration and maintenance, putting less load on resources.

3) Simplicity

BLU Acceleration is fully integrated with DB2. It does not require SQL or schema changes to implement. Just load and go. Enhancements such as automation, optimization and self-tuning help to further simplify overall use.


Webinar Replay of DB2 Tech Talk: “Introduction and Technical Tour: DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration” with Berni Schiefer





  When we compared the performance of column-organized tables in DB2 to our traditional row-organized tables, we found that, on average, our analytic queries were running 74x faster when using BLU Acceleration. ” 

– Kent Collins, Database Solutions Architect, BNSF Railway


Advanced Recovery Solutions in DB2 10.5 webinar replay




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Learn To ______ In A Year

It started at The Talent Code blog by Daniel Coyle a few weeks back, What’s Your LQ (Learning Quotient)?. That led me to Diamondbacks’ Goldschmidt Has Little Ego and Few Limits. I like baseball stories. I especially like this passage:

“A lot of kids have so much pride that they want to show the coaches and the front office that they know what they’re doing, and they don’t need the help,” Zinter said. “They don’t absorb the information because they want us to think they know it already. Goldy didn’t have an ego. He didn’t have that illusion of knowledge. He’s O.K. with wanting to learn.”

I identify with that. I believe part of my success is because I ask questions.

Back to the original article. Then I end up here, Can Everyone Be Smart at Everything? I seem to lack the ability to focus for extended periods of time. Well, not quite true. I have the ability to focus, but I like to focus on a million different things. Does that count? I don’t know.

I’m often envious of my friends who have been DBAs for 20 years, or worked with OBIEE for 10 years (don’t argue with me…I know Oracle hasn’t owned it for 10 years, I’m looking at you Christian), or APEX for 10 years (that’s safe to say). I’ve flirted with all of those, but I’ve never committed…See how I get distracted easily? Wow.

And just as importantly, that mistakes are part of good learning. As a Wired article recently reported about why some are more effective at learning from mistakes, “the important part is what happens next.” People with a “growth mindset” — those who “believe that we can get better at almost anything, provided we invest the necessary time and energy” — were significantly better at learning from their mistakes.

and then…

“The meaning of difficulty changes. Difficulty means trying harder, trying a different strategy. They understand that change is possible, and progress occurs over time.”

OMFG. Focus!

Back to the original article and I’m reading through the comments. Someone links up to this young lady who taught herself how to dance in a year. Watch it.

Which finally brings me back to The Talent Code, To Improve Faster, Think Like a Startup. Staying with me? How about this?

Finally, there’s a point. I want to do this. Maybe not dance (as much fun as that may be), but something else. Krav Maga? Algebra? Calculus (I’m pursuing my physics or engineering degree in 2035, I need to study my math). I want to test out her technique. Small, discrete steps practiced daily towards some end goal (pass a calc test, take a real estate licensing test, whatever). The problem for me, if you haven’t noticed, is focus. This method may help.

If you were to try something like this, what would you set out to learn?

Solve the Oracle Database murder mystery and win a free ticket for yourself and a friend to the NoCOUG conference‏

You may remember this children’s song from kindergarten or you can listen to this YouTube video: “Ten green bottles hanging on the wall Ten green bottles hanging on the wall And if one green bottle should accidentally fall There’ll be nine green bottles hanging on the wall.” In this Oracle Database murder mystery, there were no […]

12c Histograms pt.2

In part 2 of this mini-series I’ll be describing the new mechanism for the simple frequency histogram and the logic of the Top-N frequency histogram. In part 3 I’ll be looking at the new hybrid histogram. You need to know about the approximate NDV before you start – but there’s a thumbnail sketch at the […]

Beta Testing To Begin for “Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c” (1Z0-060) Certification Exam

Oracle Certification begins beta testing this week for the new Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional (OCP) certification.

Beta testing for the “Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c” certification exam (1Z1-060) is now underway and is available at the greatly discounted rate of $50 USD. Visit and register for exam 1Z1-060. You can get all preparation details, including exam objectives, number of questions, time allotments, and pricing on the Oracle Certification Website.

Oracle9i Database as well as Oracle Database 10g and 11g Database Administrator Certified Professionals can be among the first to obtain this ground breaking new Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) certification by registering for this beta exam today.


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