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GoldenGate and Oracle Data Integrator – A Perfect Match in 12c… Part 1: Getting Started

Over the years, I’ve blogged quite a bit about integration between Oracle Data Integrator and GoldenGate, and how to make it all work with the Oracle Reference Architecture. With the release of the 12c versions of ODI and GoldenGate last October, and a soon-to-be-updated reference architecture, it’s time to write a few posts on the subject again. […]

Materials and scripts from DOAG 2014 presentation

Here is scripts that was presented on DOAG 2014 in Dusseldorf. For EM Cloud Control 12c Version and Script to convert EM Jobs to crontab format First script is used to convert Enterprise Manager active jobs to crontab execution list format. It can list it on the screen with “list” option or add […]



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Premier Support 介绍

本讲座的目标是为新的Oracle支持环境的客户,或为那些可能需要了解服务流程的客户提供Oracle Premier支持的最佳实践信息。

这30分钟的网络广播提供了Oracle标准支持服务的概述。在演示过程中,与会者将了解有关的支持政策,包括终身支持策略,有助于最大限度地提高您的投资和更好地控制您的升级策略。简单介绍My Oracle Support平台和支持术语,支持的最佳实践,以及服务请求升级过程也将被讨论。

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My Oracle Support 客户用户管理员技巧 客户用户管理员(CUA)研讨会针对新的Oracle客户支持环境的客户,以及那些想更好地了解My Oracle Support门户不同层次的访问控制的用户。

本讲座让客户了解My Oracle Support的管理和访问模型。将包括用户类型,客户用户管理员(CUA)的基本功能,有效地使用您的CUA最佳做法,CUA如何使用My Oracle Support快速,轻松地管理访问请求和变更。

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在My Oracle Support中寻找解决方案

“在My Oracle Support寻找解决方案”的讲座是为那些每天处理日常问题和使用Oracle产品而产生的问题的客户设计的。即使对My Oracle Support有经验的用户可能会在本讲座中发现一些有用的技巧和技术。

本讲座旨在为客户获得My Oracle Support的搜索提供专业知识,了解如何为特定的信息需求选择最好的搜索技术,以及参与My Oracle Support的社区提出问题,并找出解决办法推荐的最佳做法。持续时间:30分钟。

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Oracle Cloud Support

云支持(Cloud Support)讲座是针对那些将要了解Cloud和My Oracle Support门户基础的客户。此演示文稿包含Cloud门户资源,My Oracle Support的术语,资源和最佳实践的功能概述。此外,本次会议还提供了几个案例以及如何让获得Oracle支持。持续时间:30分钟。

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UKOUG Operating System and Storage Event : Summary

Today was the UKOUG Operating System and Storage Event. I was a tourist for this event, as I didn’t have any presentations to do. Added to that, I’m a grunt DBA, so I wasn’t too sure what would be waiting for me at an OS and storage event… Thanks to the miracles of Google Maps, I […]

UKOUG Operating System and Storage Event : Summary was first posted on May 28, 2014 at 10:19 pm.
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