7 Things to Know About Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM)

Did You Know This About Oracle's HCM Solution? 

  1. Oracle is the leading vendor of HCM software for midsize to large enterprises, managing the employee lifecycle for 40 million workers in 14,000 organizations across 40 countries.
  2. We've been delivering its applications in the cloud since 1999.
  3. We have more than 5.5 million subscribers worldwide.
  4. HCM offers 99.5% availability, robust security, pre-built integration for fast deployment, and pay as you grow.
  5. You can move your Oracle HCM application from the public cloud to a private cloud, hybrid cloud or your own servers in your own data center, without losing any of your data or processes.
  6. Oracle Certification offers 9 different Oracle Certification titles and 2 Oracle Learning Subscriptions.
  7. Individuals who earn one of these Oracle Certifications are able to manage the HCM implementations in areas like Core HR, Talent management, Workforce rewards and Workforce management.

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