Announcing: MySQL Fabric 1.5.5 GA is Available!

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The MySQL Fabric team is pleased to announce that a new (GA) release is now available. This release includes several improvements in terms of stability and usability (bug fixes and feature enhancements). In a nutshell:

  • Two new types of users for backup and restore are now available allowing a better managements of the required privileges for each user type. More information:
  • An example script for pacemaker was added to the source packages to help provide an HA solution using a single Fabric node. More information:
  • The Connector/Python minimum requirement has changed. Fabric now requires versions >= 2.0.4 and < 2.1, or >= 2.1.2.
  • Added signal handlers for supported POSIX platforms as follows.
    • SIGUSR1 signal can be sent to the Fabric process to dump the stack trace of all threads to the current logger or STDERR.
    • SIGINT signals are caught by Fabric to avoid killing the process by mistake using <Control>+C. Note that the operation will abort after catching the signal three times.
  • The MySQL and XML RPC protocols were improved including the handling of MySQL connections (fix exceeded CPU usage) and threads (to avoid “Connection reset by peer” errors).
  • Improved support for 5.7.8 servers.
  • Fixed issues with executing some commands (e.g. server clone).
  • Improved input checking for address format “host:port” and error messages (e.g., when trying to build docs without Sphinx).

A complete list of all improvements can be found in our release notes:

Try it now and send us your feedback

MySQL Fabric release-1.5.5 GA is packaged together with MySQL Utilities and
is available for download from the following link.

MySQL developers website:

Fabric is also available on GitHub:

The documentation of MySQL Fabric can be found here:

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Announcing: MySQL Fabric 1.5.5 GA is Available!



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