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You’re a PL/SQL Developer. Would Anyone Call You a Highly Productive One?

SQL Developers generally execute single query tasks while PL/SQL Developers bring higher productivity with skills and knowledge to execute entire blocks of code at once.

It’s great to be able to execute single query tasks but wouldn’t you rather be recognized for higher productivity?  You can.  An Oracle certification credential will help.   

Start with an Oracle Certified Associate credential, then as you gain experience and learn more add the Oracle Certified Professional to your resume.  Experience and knowledge – that’s the difference between our Associate and Professional credentials.  Professionals bring more value to the market and possess all the skills required to be tops at your job.

Interested in seeing real market value for both?  Click on each credential below, check out the Insights, click on Top Job Titles to see Top Employers, Top Locations and Salary Ranges across the globe.




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Sorry Java SE 8 OCA Folks, OCP Is Where it’s At.

I wouldn’t feel too proud about doing a job only halfway, would you?  

Are you a Java SE 8 Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)? If so, don’t stop there! 

Being a professional Java Developer requires you have the skills covered in both the OCA and Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) exams.    Yes, it’s true.  Java SE 8 certification was designed to be a two-step or actually a two-exam process.

But, don’t worry.  We want to help you present yourself as tops in your field.  One exam is all it takes to go to the head of the class.   

Learn more, practice more, and gain more with a certification credential that proves how awesome you are.   

Here’s some links to help you take the next step.

Java SE 8 Programmer II | 1Z0-809:  

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Your Guide to Oracle Database Certification

Have you wished there was a handy guide to help answer all the Oracle Database certification questions you have?  Questions such as:

  • I’ve taken this training, now what certification exam should I take?
  • How do I get started with an Oracle Certification?
  • Which exam is right for me and the job role I have?
  • How can I add skills and a credential that show I can use Oracle Database to Extend to the Oracle Cloud?

If so, check out Your Guide to Oracle Database Certification.   

What You Need to Know Before Taking an Oracle Certification Exam

There are hyperlinks in the guide that will bring you directly to the exam details.  From here you’ll see Exam Preparation which is a must to review before attempting any exam.

  1. Review Exam Topics.
  2. Review Recommended Training.
  3. See Any Noted Additional Preparation and Information:  Find valuable details listed here in addition to reminding test takers that a combination of Oracle training and hands-on experience (attained via labs and/or field experience) provides the best preparation for passing the exam.

Your Guide to Getting Started With Java Certification

Working a career plan is hard enough without having to dig around to find everything you need.

The Java Foundations 1Z0-811 exam is priced lower but don’t let that fool you.  It is still a valid certification credential.  If you’ve taken Java Foundations training or the Java Coding and Concepts MOOC this is a great place to start.

If you’ve attended the Java Fundamentals training and had some hands on experience then the Java SE 8 Programmer I 1Z0-808 exam is a good choice. 

And, if you create web-based user interfaces using JavaScript along with JSPs, JSFs, servlets and handle business logic or have taken the Developing Applications for the Java EE 7 Platform course then the Java EE 7 Application Developer 1Z0-900 exam is for you.

The difference between the Junior Associate and the Associate certification credential is experience.  Take the Junior Associate if you haven’t gotten that needed experience yet.

Now that you know where to start its time to get ready for the exam.

First thing to do is to review Exam Topics.  This gives you a detailed list on what you will be tested on.  After reviewing the list you can determine what kind and how much additional help you need to prepare.   

Here’s what’s available to help prepare for the Java SE 8 Programmer I 1Z0-808 exam.

Here’s what’s available to help prepare for the Java SE 8 Programmer I 1Z0-808 and the Java EE 7 Application Developer 1Z0-900 exams.

  • Exam prep 4-6 hour recorded guide.  Click to preview  seminar here.  Note that an Exam Prep Seminar Package will include your exam voucher and a free retake voucher if you need it.

Hope you found this helpful!

What’s New with Oracle Certification – November

Learn about new exams, exams that are retiring and all the great things that are happening in the Oracle Certification Program.  

New Exams and Certifications

Now Offering Over 30 Oracle PaaS Certifications – Find the One that’s Right for You!

We have over 30 Oracle PaaS Certifications available, spanning Data Management, Application Development, Integration, Business Analytics, Management Cloud, Content and Experience, and Security. 

There are two ways these exams may be purchased and taken:

  1. As stand-alone certifications.
  2. As part of the associated Oracle Learning Subscription -where exams are included – at no additional cost.

Take Your Oracle Certification Exam in Person or Online

In addition to integrated training + certification, purchasing an Oracle Learning Subscription gives you a chance to take your exam online proctored.  This means training and testing anywhere, anytime and on your schedule. 

Explore All Certifications 

Explore All Cloud Learning Subscriptions

Oracle Certification Continues to Drive Success

We love to receive your stories:

  • Stories that are personal and describe why you wanted to become certified and what you learned along the way.
  • Stories that teach others how you solved a customer or business issue using the skills and knowledge you gained through the process.

If you’re on the fence about investing in Oracle training or certification, we hope the stories of personal successes inspire and motivate you. 

You are in good company!


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