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10 Leaders Share Their Infrastructure Transformation Stories

The detailed use cases in this paper are of the 2018 Winners of the Oracle Excellence Awards “Leadership In Infrastructure Transformation” category.

In these 10 individual stories, you’ll learn how IT leaders accelerated innovation and drove business transformation.  Each of these leaders ultimately delivered value to their organizations through the use of multiple Oracle technologies which have resulted in reduced cost of IT operations, improved time to deployment, and performance and end user productivity gains.

Each story includes the use of at least one, if not a combination of several, of the below:
•    Oracle Linux
•    Oracle Virtualization (VM, VirtualBox)
•    Oracle Private Cloud Appliance
•    Oracle SuperCluster
•    Oracle SPARC
•    Oracle Solaris
•    Oracle Storage, Tape/Disk

The stories feature Michael Polepchuk, Deputy Chief Information Officer, BCS Global Markets; Brian Young, Vice President, Cerner, Brian Bream, CTO, Collier IT; Rudolf Rotheneder, CEO, cons4u GmbH; Heidi Ratini, Senior Director of Engineering, IT Convergence; Philip Adams, Chief Technology Officer, Lawrence Livermore National Labs; JK Pareek, Vice President, Global IT and CIO, Nidec Americas Holding Corporation; Baris Findik, CIO, Pegasus Airlines; Michael Myhrén, Senior DBA Senior Systems Engineer and Charles Mongeon, Vice President Data Center Solutions and Services (TELUS Corporation).

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CPQ is an Auditor’s Best Friend

By Andy Pieroux, Founder and Managing Director of Walpole Partnership Ltd.  

One of the reasons many companies invest in a Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) system is to provide a robust audit trail for their pricing decisions. Let’s take a look at why, and how CPQ can help.

First, apologies if you are an auditor. I’ve always been on the business side – either in sales, sales management, or as a pricing manager. I can appreciate your view may be different from the other side of the controls. Perhaps by the end of this article our points of view may become closer?

If your business has the potential to get audited, I know that I can speak on your behalf to say we all just love being audited. We love the time taken away from our day jobs. We love the stress of feeling that something may be unearthed that exposes us or gets us in trouble, even if we’ve never knowingly done anything wrong. We love the thought of our practices being exposed as ‘in need of improvement’ and relish the chance to dig through old documents and folders to try and piece together the story of why we did what we did… especially when it was several years ago. Yes sir, bring on the audit.

The reason we love it so much is that in our heart of hearts, we know audits are needed for our organization to prosper in the future. We dread the thought that our company might be caught up in a scandal like the mis-selling of pensions, or PPI (payment protection insurance), or serious accounting frauds like Enron.

It was scandals like Enron in the early 2000s that gave rise to stricter audit requirements and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX).  This set a high standard required for internal controls, and much tougher penalties for board members who fail to ensure that financial statements are accurate. The role of pricing decisions (e.g. who authorized what and when), and the accuracy of revenue reporting becomes paramount when evidencing compliance with audit arrangements such as this.

At this point, a CPQ system can be the simple answer to your audit needs. All requests for discount, and the way revenue is allocated across products and services is documented. All approvals can be; attributed to an individual, time stamped, and with reasons captured at the time of approval. More importantly, the ability to show an auditor the entire history of a decision and to follow the breadcrumbs from a signed deal all the way to reported revenue at the click of a button means you have nothing to hide, and a clear understanding of the decisions. This is music to an auditor’s ears. It builds trust and confidence in the process and means any anomalies can be quickly analyzed.

When you have all this information securely stored in the cloud, under controlled access to only those who need it, and a tamper-proof process, that means it is designed with integrity in mind, and makes the process of passing an audit so much easier. All the anxiety and pain mentioned above disappears. Auditors are no longer the enemy. You will find they can help advise on improvements to the rules in your system to make future audits even more enjoyable. Yes – that’s right…. I said it. Enjoyable Audits!

So, CPQ is an auditor’s friend, and an auditee’s friend too. It doesn’t just apply to the big-scale audit requirements like SOX, but any organization that is auditable. Whether you’re a telecommunications company affected by IFRS 15, an organization impacted by GDPR, or any one of a thousand other guidelines, rules or quality policies that get checked – having data and decisions stored in a CPQ system will make you love audits too.




1. 问题时间段的TOP输出可以看到,内存只剩7G,而分析内存问题,TOP输出是不够的,一般情况下,Database的SGA和PGA是内存使用大户,所以,在TOP很难发现谁是使用内存最多的。
Linux OSWbb v7.3.3
zzz ***Tue Feb 21 00:00:10 CST 2017
top – 00:00:12 up 14:16, 10 users, load average: 2.97, 2.31, 2.05
Tasks: 3087 total, 11 running, 3076 sleeping, 0 stopped, 0 zombie
Cpu(s): 11.7%us, 2.8%sy, 0.0%ni, 83.7%id, 0.9%wa, 0.0%hi, 0.9%si, 0.0%st
Mem: 257948M total, 250464M used, 7484M free, 113M buffers
Swap: 65537M total, 0M used, 65537M free, 59868M cached
1156 oracle 20 0 4232 568 380 R 101 0.0 0:01.67 gzip
20019 root RT 0 308m 89m 57m S 13 0.0 24:09.96 osysmond.bin
1160 oracle 20 0 11252 3492 836 R 9 0.0 0:00.17 top
49793 oracle 20 0 128g 1.2g 1.2g S 7 0.5 36:00.74 oracle
2. 通过AWR,可以看到数据库很忙
DB Name






Inst num


Startup Time












20-Feb-17 17:02


Host Name










Memory (GB)


Linux x86 64-bit










Snap Id


Snap Time






Begin Snap:




21-Feb-17 00:05:46






End Snap:




21-Feb-17 01:22:37









76.85 (mins)




DB Time:



18,666.61 (mins)





3. 但是Oracle的物理内存使用百分比只有33%,并不是oracle耗尽的主机内存。
 Memory Statistics
    Begin    End
Host Mem (MB):    257,948.4    257,948.4
SGA use (MB):    77,824.0    77,824.0
PGA use (MB):    8,938.9    6,416.3
% Host Mem used for SGA+PGA:    33.64    32.66
4. 注意:一般情况下Oracle的全部进程,如smon, pmon,lgwr等,都会分别使用SGA, PGA,以及一小部分内存作为进程本身使用(这部分一般很小)。
RAC: LMS uses huge memory (Doc ID 1954701.1)
RAC LMS processes using huge PGA memory:
SQL> select pid,spid,program,pga_used_mem,pga_alloc_mem,pga_freeable_mem,pga_max_mem from v$process where program like ‘%LMS%’;
———- ———————— ————— ———————————————— ————
13 23698 (LMS0) 1.0644E+10 1.6525E+10 0 1.6525E+10
14 23702 (LMS1) 1.0644E+10 1.6525E+10 0 1.6525E+10
15 23706 (LMS2) 1.0407E+10 1.6157E+10 0 1.6157E+10
16 23710 (LMS3) 1.0599E+10 1.6455E+10 0 1.6455E+10
5. 分析过程中,也确认了一下,PGA曾经使用过的最大内存情况,可以看到PGA最大也就是使用10G,对应256G物理内存来说,很少。不是问题点
select * from dba_hist_pgastat  
     1054  602741423    1 aggregate PGA target parameter       5.5835E+10
     1054  602741423    1 aggregate PGA auto target       4.3041E+10
     1054  602741423    1 global memory bound       1073741824
     1054  602741423    1 total PGA inuse       8010343424
     1054  602741423    1 total PGA allocated       9373099008
     1054  602741423    1 maximum PGA allocated       1.0711E+10
     1054  602741423    1 total freeable PGA memory 396361728
     1054  602741423    1 process count     2232
     1054  602741423    1 max processes count     3053
     1054  602741423    1 PGA memory freed back to OS       6.3224E+11
     1054  602741423    1 maximum PGA used for auto workareas  5028864
     1054  602741423    1 maximum PGA used for manual workareas   542720
     1054  602741423    1 bytes processed       1036738560
     1054  602741423    1 cache hit percentage      100
     1054  602741423    1 recompute count (total)     7478
   1055  602741423    2 aggregate PGA target parameter       4.8050E+10
     1055  602741423    2 aggregate PGA auto target       3.7282E+10
     1055  602741423    2 global memory bound       1073741824
     1055  602741423    2 total PGA inuse       6643825664
     1055  602741423    2 total PGA allocated       7995835392
     1055  602741423    2 maximum PGA allocated       9677304832
     1055  602741423    2 total freeable PGA memory 420085760
     1055  602741423    2 process count     2107
     1055  602741423    2 max processes count     2365
     1055  602741423    2 PGA memory freed back to OS       8.2417E+11
     1055  602741423    2 maximum PGA used for auto workareas 33622016
     1055  602741423    2 maximum PGA used for manual workareas   542720
     1055  602741423    2 bytes processed       1.3889E+10
     1055  602741423    2 cache hit percentage      100
     1055  602741423    2 recompute count (total)     8519
Line 384: 997 602741423 2 maximum PGA allocated 1.0699E+10
Line 967: 998 602741423 2 maximum PGA allocated 1.0699E+10 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<10G
Line 1380: 983 602741423 1 maximum PGA allocated 1.0598E+10
Line 1436: 986 602741423 1 maximum PGA allocated 1.1655E+10
Line 1808: 1056 602741423 1 maximum PGA allocated 1.1055E+10
Line 2029: 997 602741423 1 maximum PGA allocated 1.3501E+10
Line 2350: 1018 602741423 1 maximum PGA allocated 1.0049E+10
Line 2376: 985 602741423 1 maximum PGA allocated 1.1624E+10
6. 最后,查看meminfo,发现了问题,PageTables占用了168G的内存, 加上SGA和PGA的使用,刚刚好250G左右。
zzz ***Tue Feb 21 00:00:10 CST 2017
MemTotal:       264139120 kB  ===> 260 GB
MemFree:         7720156 kB   ===> 7 GB
Buffers:          116576 kB
Cached:         60954824 kB  ===> 60GB (include SGA)
SwapCached:            0 kB
Active:         61768656 kB
Inactive:       12761292 kB
Active(anon):   61284872 kB  ===>
Inactive(anon): 11620960 kB
Active(file):     483784 kB  ===> 500 MB
Inactive(file):  1140332 kB   ===> 1GB
Unevictable:      333944 kB
Mlocked:          223568 kB
SwapTotal:      67110908 kB
SwapFree:       67110780 kB
Dirty:              3764 kB
Writeback:             0 kB
AnonPages:      13793504 kB
Mapped:         58621868 kB
Shmem:          59376696 kB  
Slab:            1354844 kB   ===> 1 GB
SReclaimable:     351496 kB
SUnreclaim:      1003348 kB
KernelStack:       29248 kB
PageTables:     176260660 kB  ===> 168 GB
NFS_Unstable:          0 kB
Bounce:                0 kB
WritebackTmp:          0 kB
CommitLimit:    199180468 kB
Committed_AS:   88076096 kB
7. 检查之前正常时间段的meminfo,可以发现,刚启动数据库时,PageTables只有700M,但是随着进程的增加,很快PageTables就增长上来了
zzz ***Mon Feb 20 14:19:05 CST 2017
MemTotal:       264139120 kB
MemFree:        222005744 kB
Buffers:          112332 kB
SUnreclaim:       258840 kB
KernelStack:       11320 kB
PageTables:       747560 kB   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
NFS_Unstable:          0 kB
Bounce:                0 kB
WritebackTmp:          0 kB
Line 1113: PageTables:       752060 kB
Line 1157: PageTables:       769128 kB
Line 1201: PageTables:       769252 kB
Line 1245: PageTables:       758068 kB
Line 1289: PageTables:      2995368 kB   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Line 1333: PageTables:      4314036 kB
Line 1377: PageTables:      5717752 kB
Line 1421: PageTables:      6107780 kB
Line 1465: PageTables:      6427636 kB
Line 1509: PageTables:      7307184 kB
Line 1553: PageTables:      8552708 kB
Line 1597: PageTables:      9382396 kB
Line 1641: PageTables:     10236492 kB
8. 既然问题找到了,如何解决呢?
9, 最终,配置hugepages,解决问题。
HugePages on Linux: What It Is… and What It Is Not… (Doc ID 361323.1)
HugePages on Oracle Linux 64-bit (Doc ID 361468.1)
HugePages and Oracle Database 11g Automatic Memory Management (AMM) on Linux (Doc ID 749851.1)
Linux IA64 example of allocating 48GB SGA using hugepages (Doc ID 397568.1)
Shell Script to Calculate Values Recommended Linux HugePages / HugeTLB Configuration (Doc ID 401749.1)
USE_LARGE_PAGES To Enable HugePages In 11.2 (Doc ID 1392497.1)

 题外话,oswatcher是Oracle分析和解决问题,非常有用的一个工具,在很多问题的分析上,都能提供很大的帮助。 所以强烈建议部署。

Oracle Support必备网络讲座(2016年10月)


主题描述日期时间报名使用My Oracle Support本讲座的目标客户是那些想要学习My Oracle Support门户基本功能的用户。此演示包括功能概述,仪表板定制,搜索内容和修补程序,使用My Oracle Support社区,利用主动式投资组合,设立热门话题警报,以及创建服务请求等。10月11日报名Oracle Cloud Support云支持(Cloud Support)讲座是针对那些将要了解Cloud和My Oracle Support门户基础的客户。此演示文稿包含Cloud门户资源,My Oracle Support的术语,资源和最佳实践的功能概述。此外,本次会议还提供了几个案例以及如何让获得Oracle支持。持续时间:30分钟。10月12日报名如何有效获得Oracle支持服务有效获得支持讲座是针对那些想要了解更多有关Oracle 客户支持环境和那些正在从他们的Oracle支持合同中寻找最大价值的客户。在讲座期间,您将学习如何发现Oracle支持的最佳实践,采用My Oracle Support(MOS)门户网站自带的所有特性和功能,和最大化利用工具和流程的组合,以确保您的系统/软件稳定健康的运行。10月18日报名为Cloud 用户的如何有效获得Oracle支持服务(WEWS)这个 Working Effectively with Support (WEWS) 讲座是提供给Cloud 用户来学习如何参与支持服务, 您的角色和职责,以及Oracle Support 是如何工作和解决您的服务请求。
本次讲座期间,您将了解到在哪里可以找到Oracle支持政策,交互和管理您的服务请求时的最佳实践。10月19日报名在My Oracle Support中寻找解决方案

“在My Oracle Support寻找解决方案”的讲座是为那些每天处理日常问题和使用Oracle产品而产生的问题的客户设计的。即使对My Oracle Support有经验的用户可能会在本讲座中发现一些有用的技巧和技术。

本讲座旨在为客户获得My Oracle Support的搜索提供专业知识,了解如何为特定的信息需求选择最好的搜索技术,以及参与My Oracle Support的社区提出问题,并找出解决办法推荐的最佳做法。

10月25日报名Oracle Support Accreditation(认证)





众所周知,在Exalogic虚拟化的管理中,Enterprise Manager Ops Center(EMOC)是Exalogic目前提供的最经常使用的工具。无论是虚拟机的创建、修改,还是启动、停止,都离不开EMOC的操作。




这些错误严重影响了用户对Exalogic的管理操作,而且很难说问题出在Exalogic Control控制台还是用户的浏览器。

到底是什么导致了这样的问题呢?这是因为EMOC使用的SSL算法(例如TLS1.0, TLS1.1)已经不再被新版本的浏览器认为是安全的了。浏览器在访问EMOC站点时对https使用的SSL算法进行了校验,并发现了不安全的因素,所以浏览器出于保护用户的目的拒绝访问。


关于EECS的更多内容,请参阅Exalogic Infrastructure April 2016 PSU – Fixed Bugs List (Doc ID 2122959.1)








Oracle Support必备网络讲座(2016年9月)


主题 描述 日期时间 报名 使用My Oracle Support 本讲座的目标客户是那些想要学习My Oracle Support门户基本功能的用户。此演示包括功能概述,仪表板定制,搜索内容和修补程序,使用My Oracle Support社区,利用主动式投资组合,设立热门话题警报,以及创建服务请求等。 9月13日 报名 Oracle Cloud Support 云支持(Cloud Support)讲座是针对那些将要了解Cloud和My Oracle Support门户基础的客户。此演示文稿包含Cloud门户资源,My Oracle Support的术语,资源和最佳实践的功能概述。此外,本次会议还提供了几个案例以及如何让获得Oracle支持。持续时间:30分钟。 9月19日 报名 如何有效获得Oracle支持服务 有效获得支持讲座是针对那些想要了解更多有关Oracle 客户支持环境和那些正在从他们的Oracle支持合同中寻找最大价值的客户。在讲座期间,您将学习如何发现Oracle支持的最佳实践,采用My Oracle Support(MOS)门户网站自带的所有特性和功能,和最大化利用工具和流程的组合,以确保您的系统/软件稳定健康的运行。 9月20日 报名 为Cloud 用户的如何有效获得Oracle支持服务(WEWS) 这个 Working Effectively with Support (WEWS) 讲座是提供给Cloud 用户来学习如何参与支持服务, 您的角色和职责,以及Oracle Support 是如何工作和解决您的服务请求。
本次讲座期间,您将了解到在哪里可以找到Oracle支持政策,交互和管理您的服务请求时的最佳实践。 9月21日 报名 Tuxedo产品介绍




  • 1. 什么是Tuxedo – 获得对Tuxedo产品构成的基本认识
  • 2. Tuxedo的基本功能 – 理解Tuxedo及其附加产品的基本功能,包括RPC、HA、事物管理、安全、消息、监控、开放协议支持等等。
  • 3. 为什么要用Tuxedo -了解最新的Tuxedo做了哪些优化以获取最大的性能提升

9月21日 报名 服务请求流程和最优实践


30分钟的在线讲座提供了My Oracle Support的门户网站概述,专注于服务请求的体验。通过本次会议期间,与会者将了解有关如何提交一个良好的服务请求,服务请求严重性级别和状态代码是什么及其含义,以及如何与Oracle支持协作的最佳实践。也将讨论如何将服务请求升级使管理层关注的情况。

9月22日 报名 Tuxedo应用实战介绍


Tuxedo能够为众多企业级用户所青睐,那么它是如何在企业的大规模实时交易中发挥作用的呢? 这次我们特别邀请到Tuxedo研发团队的技术经理杨霖来为大家详细介绍几个Tuxedo在实际应用中典型的成功案例。杨霖在Tuxedo team工作了4年,期间担任Tuxedo维护工作,了解各种客户需求和应用。通过杨霖的介绍您将对Tuxedo的实际应用场景、应用架构、Tuxedo的特性和灵活的解决方案有更加清晰和深入的了解。这也是一个难得的和Tuxedo研发团队直接沟通的机会。


  • 1. Tuxedo有哪些行业的主要客户。- Tuxedo广泛应用于金融、电信、制造业、政府等行业或部门,不同的客户群体有什么样的不同需求,需要什么样的解决方案
  • 2. Tuxedo典型的应用场景 – 通过对Tuxedo的几个典型案例介绍,了解Tuxedo为什么能够满足不同客户的不同需求, Tuxedo有什么样的特性以及多种多样,灵活的解决方案

9月26日 报名 在My Oracle Support中寻找解决方案

“在My Oracle Support寻找解决方案”的讲座是为那些每天处理日常问题和使用Oracle产品而产生的问题的客户设计的。即使对My Oracle Support有经验的用户可能会在本讲座中发现一些有用的技巧和技术。

本讲座旨在为客户获得My Oracle Support的搜索提供专业知识,了解如何为特定的信息需求选择最好的搜索技术,以及参与My Oracle Support的社区提出问题,并找出解决办法推荐的最佳做法。

9月27日 报名 My Oracle Support 客户用户管理员技巧 客户用户管理员(CUA)研讨会针对新的Oracle客户支持环境的客户,以及那些想更好地了解My Oracle Support门户不同层次的访问控制的用户。

本讲座让客户了解My Oracle Support的管理和���问模型。将包括用户类型,客户用户管理员(CUA)的基本功能,有效地使用您的CUA最佳做法,CUA如何使用My Oracle Support快速,轻松地管理访问请求和变更。 9月28日 报名

您也可以访问 My Oracle Support 来查看其它安排好的在线课程。要转换为本地时间,请参考 world clock.

Oracle Support必备网络讲座(2016年8月)


主题描述日期时间报名在My Oracle Support中寻找解决方案

“在My Oracle Support寻找解决方案”的讲座是为那些每天处理日常问题和使用Oracle产品而产生的问题的客户设计的。即使对My Oracle Support有经验的用户可能会在本讲座中发现一些有用的技巧和技术。

本讲座旨在为客户获得My Oracle Support的搜索提供专业知识,了解如何为特定的信息需求选择最好的搜索技术,以及参与My Oracle Support的社区提出问题,并找出解决办法推荐的最佳做法。

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We’ll cover topics including: 
简介:Thread Dump的生成与分析
什么是Thread dump
Thread dump的用途
如何获取Thread dump
如何分析Thread dump8月24日报名

CSC Luxembourg Hosts Managed Services and DBaaS on Oracle SuperCluster

CSC in
Luxembourg is implementing Oracle’s SuperCluster,
a solution combining
hardware and software to achieve unparalleled processing performance.
The Luxembourg project is a value proof point for CSC, which
plans to make its Luxembourg data centers a European IT pooling center
for the South & West Europe region.

Professional of the Financial Sector certified, CSC is the
first Luxembourg Oracle partner to offer managed services as well as
database-as-a-service based on Oracle Engineered Systems. Oracle SuperCluster also offers advantages in terms of data security
and confidentiality as the shared infrastructure allows consolidating
the data management of several customers in a secure and
compartmentalized way.

Oracle runs best on Oracle,” declares Philippe Cammaert, Senior Sales Manager, at Oracle Luxembourg. “We
are thrilled to see our partners consolidating their IT infrastructure
on our Engineered Systems. They choose these integrated solutions not
only because of their technological performance but also for the
business opportunities they offer as part of their managed services.”


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