Author: MySQL Server Dev Team

MySQL 8.0: Support for BLOBs in TempTable engine

In some cases, the server creates internal temporary tables while processing statements. These tables could be stored in memory or on disk – the first option is preferred but there exist some limitations. One of such restrictions was presence of TEXT or BLOB columns in the table; as in-memory storage engines (MEMORY and TempTable) did not supported these types server had to use the on-disk engine (InnoDB or MyISAM).…

Detecting Incompatible Use of Spatial Functions before Upgrading to MySQL 8.0

There are many changes to spatial functions in MySQL 8.0:

Old aliases for functions have been removed (after being deprecated in 5.7)
Functions that don’t support geographic computations raise errors if called with geographic data in their arguments
Many functions support geographic computations

The first two are failing cases.…

Projected Spatial Reference Systems in MySQL 8.0

MySQL 8.0.11 comes with a catalog of 5108 spatial reference system (SRS) definitions. In a previous post, we covered the definitions of geographic SRSs. In this post we’ll go into the details of projected SRSs. (If you haven’t done so already, I suggest you read the previous post first.)
Projected SRSs are flat, Cartesian coordinate systems created by projecting points on (an oblate spheroidal model of) Earth onto a flat surface.…

MySQL Shell 8.0 – What’s New?

MySQL Document Store
In MySQL 8.0 a new stack of components is introduced, turning MySQL to a competitive Document Store solution.
The MySQL Document Store takes advantage of existing capabilities including:

Efficient and safe data management from the InnoDB storage engine
ACID compliance and Transactional Operations
High Availability with Group Replication and InnoDB cluster

One of the most attractive components introduced in MySQL 8.0 is a development API (DevAPI) that enables you to create JSON document based applications through a fluent API.…

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