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Oracle SPARC at Oracle OpenWorld 2018 San Francisco

Oracle OpenWorld 2018 is coming to San Francisco on October 22-25!

Here is a preview of what’s happening around Oracle SPARC and Oracle Solaris technologies.

For an update on the recent developments and strategy, check out session PRM3358. Bill Nesheim, Senior Vice President of Oracle Solaris Development will be joined by Massod Heydari, Senior Vice President of Hardware Development, and Brian Bream, Chief Technology Officer of Vaske Computer, to discuss the latest developments with the release Oracle Solaris 11.4. Brian will be describing unique solutions for delivering Oracle SPARC deployments adjacent to Oracle Cloud, giving you the best of both worlds: cloud infrastructure for scale-out needs and Oracle SPARC systems hosted for mission-critical needs. In addition, there will be a wealth of other opportunities to learn about Oracle Solaris 11.4 in sessions and hands-on-labs.

I’m particularly excited about co-presenting sessions on the advantages of SPARC systems with two Oracle experts. Michael Ramchand, Distinguished Solution Engineer, will discuss end-to-end encryption and data security, while Salman Ashfaq, Cloud Architect, will describe and demonstrate best practices for deploying database and Java services on private clouds. We’re also lucky to have another expert, Oracle ACE M.Fevzi Korkutata, CTO at Volthread, demonstrating secure Java middleware deployments on Oracle infrastructure.

My colleague Martin Mueller, Senior Principal Software Engineer, will present hands-on-labs and sessions on accelerating database analytics with SPARC Software-in-Silicon. There will also be a variety of sessions and labs with tips-and-tricks for deploying Oracle SuperCluster and MiniCluster.

The following is a great place to see all the details on these sessions and hands-on-labs, and to plan your schedule: Focus on Oracle Solaris and SPARC at Oracle OpenWorld 2018 in San Francisco


CSC Luxembourg Hosts Managed Services and DBaaS on Oracle SuperCluster

CSC in
Luxembourg is implementing Oracle’s SuperCluster,
a solution combining
hardware and software to achieve unparalleled processing performance.
The Luxembourg project is a value proof point for CSC, which
plans to make its Luxembourg data centers a European IT pooling center
for the South & West Europe region.

Professional of the Financial Sector certified, CSC is the
first Luxembourg Oracle partner to offer managed services as well as
database-as-a-service based on Oracle Engineered Systems. Oracle SuperCluster also offers advantages in terms of data security
and confidentiality as the shared infrastructure allows consolidating
the data management of several customers in a secure and
compartmentalized way.

Oracle runs best on Oracle,” declares Philippe Cammaert, Senior Sales Manager, at Oracle Luxembourg. “We
are thrilled to see our partners consolidating their IT infrastructure
on our Engineered Systems. They choose these integrated solutions not
only because of their technological performance but also for the
business opportunities they offer as part of their managed services.”


Uganda Revenue Authority and Oracle SuperCluster: Achieves 99. …


















Among its objectives, URA was established to improve the standard
of tax administration and correct the weaknesses that characterized the older
tax administration. One of th
e major drivers for deploying Oracle solutions was
to reduce the frequent downtime previously experienced due to poor database
performance and to rectify a reduction in peak-time response.

URA worked with Oracle and its implementation and logistical partner Technology
Associates to deploy a robust, scalable, high-availability database solution that
includes software and hardware engineered together, as it felt that having a
single vendor for both hardware and software would be advantageous. To that
end, URA deployed Oracle
, Oracle
Solaris 11
, and Oracle Database.
The authority’s new system is a pivotal resource for the calculation of
international trade taxes. It is also used to manage compliance for the
Ministry of Finance, as well as collecting transactional, financial, and tax
data for the country’s citizens.

Today, Uganda Revenue Authority ensures 99.9% service uptime for
its government ministries and citizens, and is now able to resolve database
issues before they have any impact on the organization. Outages have been
entirely eliminated, service performance has improved dramatically, and system
responsiveness during peak usage is no longer a cause for concern. The system
has supported a national rollout and the implementation of the agency’s Single
Customs Territory, taking on more data to process without impacting


“Implementing Oracle SuperCluster as part of your IT
infrastructure removes significant implementation risk and ensures that your
organization benefits from a truly engaged vendor committed to delivering
powerful, integrated hardware and software that you can trust now and in the
future. Oracle Database runs best on Oracle hardware, and our services run best
on Oracle.” – Kizza James, Assistant Commissioner, IT, Uganda Revenue

iQor: Oracle SuperCluster Improves Performance for Critical Applications While Lowering IT …




















iQor: Oracle SuperCluster Improves Performance for Critical Applications While Lowering IT Managed-Services Costs

is a global provider of business-process outsourcing and
product-support services. They required a platform to improve
performance, support scalability, and provide a disaster recovery
environment for mission-critical support. They chose Oracle
SuperCluster, optimized the production, business intelligence
reporting, and reduced operating cost. iQor
realized a 30% improvement in performance for critical applications
while lowering IT managed services costs by 20%.

Oracle, we can run all application tiers on one set of hardware. We
can also run related applications on the same hardware by taking
advantage of the Infiniband connection and excellent hardware
performance. It’s a one-stop shop for running our database-and
application-optimized environments, and for general-purpose nodes,”
said Erik Carlson, vice president, IT, iQor.

reliability and scalability to the next level.

Oracle SuperCluster combines highly available and scalable
technologies, such as Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC),
Oracle Database 12c and 11g, and Oracle Solaris Cluster software. Its
architecture enables a high degree of isolation between concurrently
deployed applications, which may have varied security, reliability,
and performance requirements.

optimized the production, business intelligence reporting, and
disaster recovery environments for our mission-critical systems on
Oracle SuperCluster, improving performance, scalability, and up time,
while managing to reduce operating cost.” “In addition, by
working with Oracle Advanced Customer Support and its Oracle Advanced
Monitoring and Resolution service, we have one vendor as the point of
contact, access to experts across our IT environment, and detailed
documentation for downtime and rollback plans. We are pleased to work
with an organization that can scale and grow with us.” – Erik
Carlson, Vice President, IT, iQor

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