Do you really need another index?

I was recently asked to take a look at a problem with a nightly batch job which deletes historical data from some transaction tables.  The requirement is as follows: I would like to retain three years of data in my transaction table. Each night, I’d like to delete data older than 3 years which means, […]

Conditional joins: Part 2

There’s nothing like the Christmas break to slow things down at work a little! This has given me a little time to finally write up Conditional Joins Part 2. Part 2 is actually “Part 1″ from a chronological perspective but I’ve written them the other way round simply because Part 1 is a little more […]

Polling for new data: Part 2

Apologies for the delay. The day job has been rather busy recently and I was fortunate enough to get a trip out to Open World again this year. Much more black and white for me this time: some real gems and some truly terrible presentations! My personal highlights include a few wonderful sessions from Craig […]

Polling for new data

Most places I’ve worked at have had some sort of requirement for picking up new or changed rows from a table in the database. It’s only recently that I’ve found, what I would consider to be, a clean way of doing this. Before I talk about that, I’d like to digress and share a rather […]

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