Oracle 12c Release 2 Multitenancy New Features

This note describes the new features related to the Oracle Database Multitenant option which have been introduced in Oracle 12c Release 2 ( The hands-on exercises included in the note demonstrates the use of the following new multitenancy features: Hot Cloning Refreshable Pluggable Databases Support for pluggable databases with multiple You need to be logged […]

Oracle 12c Resource Manager – CDB and PDB resource plans

In a CDB since we have multiple pluggable databases sharing a set of common resources, we can prevent multiple workloads to compete with each other for both system as well as CDB resources by using Resource Manager. Let us look at an example of managing resources for Pluggable Databases (between PDB’s) at the multitenant Container […]

Oracle 12c Pluggable Database Upgrade

Until very recently I had really believed the marketing hype and sales pitch about how in 12c database upgrades are so much faster and easier than earlier releases – just unplug the PDB from one container and plug it in to another container and bingo you have an upgraded database! Partly true …. maybe about […] Multitenant Database New Features

Heres a quick look at some of the new features introduced in around Pluggable and Container databases. PDB CONTAINERS Clause Using the CONTAINERS clause, from the root container we can issue a query which selects or aggregates data across multiple pluggable databases. For example each pluggable data can contain data for a specific geographic […]

Oracle Multitenant: Convert single instance PDB to RAC by plugging it into a RAC CDB

Prior to oracle database 12c, the procedures for converting from single-instance databases to Real Application Clusters involved following steps: Configure the control file attributes and move control file to shared storage Make the initialization parameter file entries for cluster-enabled environments and move SPfile to shared storage Create an undo tablespace for each additional instance Create redo threads for each additional… Continue Reading →

Oracle Multitenant : Super-fast Provisioning of Standby Databases

In this article, I will demonstrate how to quickly create a standby database for a non-multitenant container database (NCDB) by plugging it as a pluggable database (PDB) into primary CDB (BOSTON). This method tremendously simplifies and speeds up the procedure to create a standby database without the need to set various initialization parameters or take backup or configure tnsnames.ora entries… Continue Reading →

Oracle 12c Multitenant Option : CDBs and PDBs…

I started trying to play with the Oracle multitenant option (all that pluggable database stuff) a little while ago and gave up. It’s wasn’t that it was that difficult. More than anything my problem was I didn’t know what to focus on first. There is so much to it and it’s all interrelated, so you start […]

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