RMAN Catalog Housekeeping: how to purge the old incarnations

First, let me apologize because every post in my blog starts with a disclaimer… but sometimes it is really necessary. 😉 Disclaimer: this blog post contains PL/SQL code that deletes incarnations from your RMAN recovery catalog. Please DON’T use it … Continue reading

Incomplete / Complete recovery using RMAN cold backup

Offline backups (also known as Cold or consistent backups) are taken when the database is in a consistent state, i.e. the database has been shut down with the SHUTDOWN NORMAL, SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE, or SHUTDOWN TRANSACTIONAL commands. As part of a consistent shutdown, redo has been applied to the data files and the System Change number (SCN) in the data file… Continue Reading →

Log Buffer #447: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

 This Log Buffer Edition covers the weekly blog posts of Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.Oracle:An Index or Disaster, You Choose (It’s The End Of The World As We Know It).SQL Monitoring in Oracle Database 12c.RMAN Full Backup vs. Level 0 Incremental.Auto optimizer stats after CTAS or direct loads in #Oracle 12c.How to move OEM12c management agent to new location.SQL Server:Automate SQL Server Log Monitoring.10 New Features Worth Exploring in SQL Server 2016.The ABCs of Database Creation.Top 10 Most Common Database Scripts.In-Memory OLTP Table Checkpoint Processes Performance Comparison.MySQL:The Client Library, Part 1: The API, the Whole API and Nothing but the API.Performance of Connection Routing plugin in MySQL Router 2.0.MariaDB 10.0.22 now available.Semi-synchronous Replication Performance in MySQL 5.7.MySQL and Trojan.Chikdos.A. Learn more about Pythian’s expertise in Oracle , SQL Server & MySQL.

Oracle 12c RMAN DUPLICATE Database

In earlier versions the RMAN DUPLICATE database command was a push-based method. One of the new features in Oracle 12c is that it has been changed to a pull-based method which has many advantages. Let us note the difference between the two methods. In the earlier push-based method, the source database transfers the required database […]

Integrating ACFS Snapshots With RMAN

In my last article, I demonstrated that starting with Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12c (12.1), Oracle Cloud File system (ASM Cluster File System in cluster environment) supports database files (database version and up) in addition to general purpose files, so that entire Oracle databases can be stored inside Oracle Cloud FS. In addition, for a database with its files stored… Continue Reading →

Upgrading A Database Using Recovery Manager (RMAN) Duplicate Command In Oracle 12c

Introduction For versions of Oracle 11g R2, Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) replicates a database to a different Oracle home and opens it with NORESET LOGS option. From Oracle 12cR1, database RMAN introduced an option called ‘NO OPEN’, which duplicates your database to a new location and keeps it in an unopened state. Using this feature we can duplicate a database… Continue Reading →

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