Oracle SLOB On Solaris

Guest Post This is another guest post from my buddy Nate Fuzi, who performs the same role as me for Violin but is based in the US instead of EMEA. Nate believes that all English people live in the Dickensian London of the 19th century and speak in Cockney rhyming slang. I hate to disappoint, […]

RAC aware SLOB2 analyze script (Flash DBA)

I’ve been using the very useful scripts from FlashDBA to run SLOB2 on our new system, but unfortunately the analyze one is not RAC aware, so I’ve modified it, in very minor ways, such that it can use an AWR Global report (awrgrpt.sql) as input and still extract the same values that the original does. I call the script Here is an example run – ignore the numbers as they are not representative of […]

New SLOB2 Physical I/O Harness

Short post to point out that I’ve now posted the updated PIO Test Harness for SLOB2. This can be used to run multiple SLOB tests with varying numbers of workers and values of UPDATE_PCT. In addition there is also a revised version of the AWR analyzer shell script which can be used to extract various […]

SLOB: PL/SQL Commit Optimization

I ran some SLOB tests over the weekend using the new SLOBv2 kit and noticed some interesting results. I was using SLOB to generate physical I/O but the “anomaly” is best demonstrated by putting SLOB in “Logical I/O mode”, i.e. by having a large enough buffer cache to satisfy all reads. I’m calling SLOB with the […]

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