Change is in the Air With Your Oracle Certification Profile – ACTION REQUIRED

If you've been around the Oracle Certification scene for awhile, you may remember the colossal change we made around 2010 when we moved to CertView, our candidate self-service tool. CertView revolutionized the way that candidates are able to track certification and exam history, access eCertificates and logos, and provide verification of their certifications. 

Imagine having to provide email approval for the support team to release information every time someone wanted to verify your certification. 

We've come a long way in nearly a decade. And there are new changes on the horizon that we're sure candidates will gladly embrace! (I want to tell you so bad, but I can't just yet!)

There is just ONE step that we need some of you to take.

If you've taken an Oracle exam and have not yet authenticated your CertView account, we encourage you to do it now; even if you did not pass the exam you took; even if you took your exams in the dark ages of the Oracle Certification Program!

Follow the steps in this infographic.




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