Code Completion for your PL/SQL

When using the code completion feature, SQL Developer will look at what you’ve typed so far, and will offer to ‘auto complete’ what you have at your cursor.

I’ve tried to cover this exhaustively here, but apparently I failed to include THIS bit of the feature.

You have some PL/SQL, and you want some help…

 PACKAGE. -- oh what was that procedure name?;
 PACKAGE.PROCEDURE( -- oh, what were the required parameters, or even all of them?

This is where we can help. Of course we can help you complete the package name. And you probably already know about the procedure and function name completion.

But if not…ctrl+space is still the kb activator here…

Insert, update, or delete – note the functions and procedures have different icons.

But really it’s this next part you REALLY want help with.

After typing the ( – activate the helper AGAIN:

What’s this FULL vs MIN sig?

The full sig will bring back the FULL list of parameters.

Note we even add the closing paren and semicolon for you, );

The min sig will return the parameters whose defaults are NOT NULL

Just the absolute, required parameters please.

I would have bet money I had already covered this topic, but I guess not!

Well, now I have at least. And I’ll update the ‘comprehensive’ insight post to include a link here as well.



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