Digital Badges – Credentialing For a New Generation

Generation Z is about to hit the workforce. What does that mean to you as a hiring manager? 

This generation was born after 2000, into a rapidly expanding digital world. Many started programming in middle school, and have spent their lives in the digital arena. They do not know a world without the internet. For these candidates, perks like digital badging will no longer be seen as a major benefit of certification, it will be seen as an expected standard - a standard that will be expected to continually add layers of credentialing and benefits. 

Technology is changing fast. People are changing fast. It seems that we just got a handle on the dynamic millennial workforce, how they learn and what their expectations are as employees. Now a new generation is joining us in the employment landscape. These rapidly changing times can keep human resources professionals scrambling to keep up with technology in order to hire and retain this dynamic, talented pool of workers while staying connected with their experienced staff.

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Digital credentialing is the norm for young people who have spent their education careers learning on various digital platforms that constantly engage through awarding badges for each level of accomplishment. 

Oracle Certification's digital badging program is built on the Acclaim platform powered by Credly. Read Credly's perspective on digital credentialing for Generation Z. 

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Learn more about Oracle Certification's digital badges.

If you are Oracle Certified and you have not yet accepted your digital badge, accept it now through CertView. Oracle Certification is poised to lead the charge into the future of digital credentialing. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey!



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