Experimental Build of MyRocks with Percona Server for MySQL

MyRocks with Percona Server for MySQL

MyRocks with Percona Server for MySQLWe have been working on bringing out a build of MyRocks with Percona Server for MySQL.

MyRocks is a RocksDB-based storage engine. You can find more information about MyRocks here.

While there is still a lot of work to do, I want to share an experimental build of Percona Server for MySQL with MyRocks, which you can use to evaluate and test this engine

(WARNING: in NO WAY is this build supposed to be for production usage! Consider this ALPHA quality.)

The tar.gz binaries are available from our TESTING area. To start Percona Server for MySQL with the MyRocks engine, use following line in my.cnf:


Later we will provide experimental RPM and DEB packages from our testing repositories. Please let us know how MyRocks is working for you!



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