FAQ: Exam 1Z0-007 Retirement

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Q) I passed exam 1Z0-007. If I do not complete my certification path before the exam retires on July 31, 2013, will I have to take another SQL exam?

A) The short answer is no - you will not be required to take another SQL exam to 'replace' these exam results. You can continue with your certification path as planned.

As long as you have passed an exam before the retirement date, the exam results remain valid even after the exam retires, and the exam will count toward your certification path. The 1Z0-007 exam will continue to fulfill the SQL requirement for 9i, 10g, 11g and 12c Database Administrator OCA paths as well as the PL/SQL Developer OCA path, though no new 007 exams will be delivered after July 31, 2013.


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