The Secret to Getting a Free Exam Retake

Targeted exam preparation on Oracle's top exams with top instructors.

This is what you get with an Oracle Certification Exam Prep Seminar (EPS) package. Each seminar delivers a focused, fast-paced review of exam materials that you can move through at your own pace. Skip over concepts in which you feel strong, replay concepts that give you more trouble.

This is what else you'll get in your package:

  • Exam prep seminar access, 24/7 (6 month subscription)
  • Practice test access, 24/7 (6 month subscription)
  • One exam voucher and a free retake in case you need it
    (valid for 6 months)

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Retake failed exams FREE!

One additional thing Exam Prep Seminars offer is assurance. Even with all the study and all the prep, you still may not pass the exam. In these cases, EPS package holders can revisit topics that gave them trouble during the exam and retake the exam at no additional cost. It's like a safety net. No one ever wants to have to use it, but everyone is glad it's there!

EPS Packages are currently available for our core exams - Database Administrator, Database Developer, and Java. 

Visit the Exam Prep Seminar page to preview the seminars and select the right package for you. 



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