How to Hide Schema Notation in your Data Modeler Data Dictionary Reports

Someone asked, hey, I know how to hide the schema notation in our diagrams

You can too – READ THIS POST

…but (there is always a BUT), how can we hide it from the data dictionary reports as well?

The answer is – you need to manage the report template.

When you open the Report dialog, switch to the Custom Templates.

Click the ‘Manage’ button.

We give you two custom templates to play with, ‘Table_one_level_list_Props’ and ‘Tables_2_Levels’.

Pick one.

Click the Edit button.

This button.


Now, you’re going to see a lot of properties. The first one on both the ‘Columns’ and ‘PK, UKs, and Indexes’ tables has a property name of ‘Schema Object.’

Remove that from the report property by using the Left arrow button, and save the report design.

Remove, save, run report using this custom template.

Once you’re back to the Reports dialog, make sure the right Custom Reports template is assigned and generate the report.

Voila, no mention of a SCHEMA, anywhere.

This isn’t a schema-less design…that’s…DIFFERENT.



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