How to Open your PL/SQL Objects…With the Keyboard in SQL Developer

I have some code…


I can guess that GIVE_RAISES is a procedure of some kind. But now I want to open it, or ‘go to it’ or ‘step into it.’

And I want to do so without having to pick up my mouse.

So I could tell you about the Ctrl+Click trick, but that’s all mouse.

So what’s a child of the 80’s to do?

Define a keyboard shortcut for ‘Open Declaration’ and then use that.

Ctrl+Mouse Click versus using the keyboard to open my procedure.

It’s not JUST for PL/SQL

Yup, it works for TABLES too!

Note that I have two Document Tab Groups going, that’s why you can see my SQL Worksheet and the EMPLOYEES table side-by-side.

Keyboard Shortcuts

We don’t have enough keys to assign EVERYTHING a keyboard shortcut. Open Declaration was one of them. So, decide what makes sense for you. For me, it was ALT+I (I = Inspect.)

Everything You Need to Know about Keyboard Shortcuts PLUS A Cheat Sheet!



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