Instance Viewer: The Video!

I’m always a bit surprised when I find a SQL Developer user who does NOT know about the Instance Viewer!

Of course you loyal readers know all about it.

But you’re busy – you don’t have time to tell your friends.

So just send them this video, and I’ll tell them about it.

In a nutshell: it’s a performance dashboard in SQL Developer. It will show you what’s happening in your database, all in one screen. You can drill down into different reports. No agents or database objects to install. Just open the DBA panel, and go!

  • How to open it, go full screen!
  • Drill down pages
  • Storage vs Top SQL
  • How to configure the refresh rates

Can’t watch video at work? Need this info, but in words? I got you covered. Also, you can watch YouTube on your phone in the parking lot, or at lunch, or even at home 🙂



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