Load Balancing for MySQL with HAProxy – Webinar Replay in English & French

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January 30, 2015
By Severalnines
In this joint webinar series with our friends from the HAProxy team, we covered the concepts around the popular open-source HAProxy load balancer, and demonstrated how to use it with SQL-based database clusters. We also discussed HA strategies for HAProxy with Keepalived and Virtual IP. 


Thanks to everyone who participated in these two sessions this week! Please see below for details on next week’s follow up session 'Performance Tuning for HAProxy & MySQL'.


The topics covered this week included: 

  • What is HAProxy?
  • SQL Load balancing for MySQL
  • Failure detection using MySQL health checks
  • High Availability with Keepalived and Virtual IP
  • Use cases: MySQL/MariaDB Galera Cluster, MySQL NDB Cluster and MySQL Replication
  • Alternative methods: Database drivers with inbuilt cluster support, MySQL proxy, MaxScale, ProxySQL


Watch the replay - English


Watch the replay - French


Read the slides


There is a follow up session next week on February 4th:


Performance Tuning for HAProxy and MySQL (English)

Performance Tuning for HAProxy and MySQL (French)


Baptiste Assmann, Product Manager at HAProxy Technologies, will be the main speaker at these sessions. 


The topics that will be covered include: 

  • Inside HAProxy
  • HAProxy multi-process: advantages, limitations, configuration
  • Dynamic re-configuration
  • What can HAProxy tell you about your application and your database
  • Weakness in MySQL client library
  • Hints for short live connections
  • Hints for persistent connections
  • HAProxy active/active failover setups
  • Security considerations


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