Log Buffer #512: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

This Log Buffer Edition covers Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.


Upgrade Existing TDE to Use New Unified Key Management in 12c Upgraded Database (non-cdb)

Instrumentation … not just for debugging

12.2 Index Deferred Invalidation (Atomica)

Collation in 12cR2 – when AA equals Å (or not?)

Configuring Oracle Traffic Director 12c with WebGate

SQL Server:

PowerShell Scripting to Replicate Cloud & SaaS Data to SQL Server

Comparing and Synchronizing Two Folders with Azure

How to Handle Hybrid Cloud Database Security with SQL Secure

Use T-SQL to Find Folders Using the Most Disk Space

Generate charts rapidly with SQL Server using R and T-SQL


Hybrid Data Encryption by Example using MySQL Enterprise Edition

Announcing Scotch Box 3.0 and Scotch Box Pro

Testing MySQL 8.0 – let me create a ton of undo files

MariaDB 10.1.24 and Connector/C 2.3.3 now available

Migration from MySQL Master-Slave pair to MySQL InnoDB Cluster: howto

Log Buffer #512: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs



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