MySQL Performance : more in depth with latin1 and utf8mb4 in 8.0 GA

Looking on my previously obtained results on Read-Only (RO) tests for latin1 and UTF8 charsets, one question continued to turn in my mind :

- if MariaDB 10.3 is hitting a so deep drop on "distinct-ranges" workload :

- why then this is not impacting the "mixed" OLTP_RO workload results (which is containing "distinct-ranges" query too) :

The answer was within the test title :
  • I've missed one zero in my scripts while preparing initial tests.. ;-))
  • so, the "distinct-ranges" test was using range size=10 (instead of 100 by default)
  • while "mixed" OLTP_RO remained with default settings, and used range size=100 for all range tests..
  • was the use of a smaller range size which that much impacted MariaDB ?..
  • (generally people are expecting to see wider range queries to be more impacting than the smaller ones, right ?)..

To clarify this all -- I decided to replay RO tests with a more detailed analyze..

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