Oracle Certification Program & The New Oracle LaunchPad

Oracle LaunchPad is a new learning tool from Oracle University that is totally free and fun.  Designed to support you with FREE Introductory SaaS Training.

As you learn you Earn a Rank by collecting points.  Start by selecting your role; then choose your area of interest and the format you would like to learn by.

Check it out for yourself – Oracle LaunchPad

We're excited about the section titled Build Your Oracle Cloud Career:  Get Certified.  

In the Search Menu enter Get Certified where you'll find two 10 minute modules:

  1. Overview of Oracle Certifications
  2. Get Certified

Both are really useful no matter what Oracle Certification is being pursued and are a good resource that anyone may find handy.  

See this blog announcement to learn more about Oracle LaunchPad:



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