Oracle Database 18c and version numbers

The Oracle New Release Model is very young, and thus suffers of some small inconsistencies in the release naming.
Oracle already announced that 18c was a renaming of what was intended to be in the original roadmap.
I though that 19c would have been, but now I have some doubts when looking at the local inventory contents.

I am consistently using my functions lsoh and setoh, as described in my posts:

Getting the Oracle Homes in a server from the oraInventory


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What I do, basically, is to get the list of attached Oracle Homes from the Central Inventory, and then get some details (like version and edition) from the local inventory of each Oracle Home.

But now that Oracle 18.3 is out, my function shows release when I try to get it in the previous way.

# [ oracle@server1:/u01/app/grid/crs1830 [08:53:50] [ [GRID] SID=+ASM1] 0 ] #
# lsoh

HOME                   LOCATION                           VERSION      EDITION
---------------------- ---------------------------------- ------------ ---------
OraGI18Home1           /u01/app/grid/crs1830       GRID

The fact is that prior to 18c, the component version was showing the actual version (without patches):

<COMP NAME="oracle.rdbms" VER=""  [...]  " ACT_INST_VER=""  [...]>

but now, it shows the “base release”, whereas the ACT_INST_VER property shows the “Active” version:

<COMP NAME="oracle.rdbms" VER="" [...] ACT_INST_VER=""[...]>

You can see that ACT_INST_VER is! does it indicate that 18.3 was planned to be

like … -> 18.1 -> 18.2 -> 18.3


This is in contrast with MOS Doc ID 230.1 that states that 18c was a “sort of”, so probably I get it wrong.

My first reflex has been to search, in the local inventory, where the string 18.3.0  was written down, but with my surprise, it is just a description, not a “real value”:

<ONEOFF REF_ID="28090523" UNIQ_ID="22329768" ROLLBACK="T" XML_INV_LOC="oneoffs/28090523/" ACT_INST_VER="" INSTALL_TIME="2018.Jul.18 20:06:33 CEST">
 <DESC>Database Release Update : (28090523)</DESC>


# grep '18\.3\.0' comps.xml
   <DESC>Database Release Update : (28090523)</DESC>

Again, the ACT_INST_VER property reports

So, where can we extract the version we would expect (

Oracle 18c provides a new binary oraversion that gives us this information:

# oraversion
This program prints release version information.
These are its possible arguments:
-compositeVersion: Print the full version number: a.b.c.d.e.
-baseVersion: Print the base version number: a.
-majorVersion: Print the major version number: a.
-buildStamp: Print the date/time associated with the build.
-buildDescription: Print a description of the build.
-help: Print this message.

# oraversion -compositeVersion

Note that differs from the description:

Database Release Update :

which is, as far as I understand, just a bad way to use the old notation to give the idea of the release date of such release update.

Also note that baseVersion has always the format <MAJOR>.

In the future I expect that ACT_INST_VER will be consistent with the compositeVersion, but I cannot be sure.






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