Oracle SQL Developer version 18.2 – Faster!

So two areas of major performance improvements in Oracle SQL Developer version 18.2:

  1. Importing from Excel
  2. Using the Query Builder

Importing from CSV was generally always pretty fast. Working with Excel consumes a lot of memory, and it took a lot of time to load an Excel file to be imported.

Well, it still uses a lot of memory – an Excel file is basically a zipped set of XML files, and this will always be…fun – but it’s a lot faster now to load up a good amount of data.

Get that data, where it’s safe, quick!

And then for the Query Builder, something that used to take 20 seconds or more, is basically immediate now.

Faster Query Builder

Your Desktop Looks…Funny?

If you noticed in the screenshots, my SQLDev looks a bit…off. That’s an unsupported Look and Feel (LAF) called ‘Nimbus.’

If you want to have a go at it, add this line to your product.conf file.


You’ll find that file in your Windows, AppData, Roaming, ‘SQL Developer’, 18.2 folder. Or on Mac/NIX, in your $HOME/.sqldeveloper folder.

And then when you start it, it’ll kinda look like this.

Did I say this was unsupported?

I don’t actually recommend this – it will break things, most notably so far I’ve notice you won’t be able to edit your user defined reports as the modal dialog won’t open. But I enjoyed the visual ‘break’ for a few days.



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