Our Optimizer Sessions at Oracle OpenWorld 2018

It's nearly time for Oracle OpenWorld so I thought I'd share the details of a couple of Optimizer-related sessions. You will find full details in the session catalog, but here's a summary of what we have for you.

The following session is a rundown of the features available in the latest Oracle Optimizer. There's a lot to cover, so it's going to be a flash-card introduction, but don't worry, the intention is to give you an overview and you can always find out more from speaking to the developers in the demo booths. 

One of the major new features for the optimizer is Automatic Indexing - so I'm sure you will want to know about it in detail. In the following session, Maria Colgan and the Development Manager for the Oracle Optimizer will be explaining how it works in the Autonomous Database Cloud:

If you're coming to OOW but can't make the sessions, or you simply want to know more, then come and speak to the Oracle developers themselves at the demo booths in Moscone South.

See you there!



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