Performing a database clone using a Data Guard Snapshot Database

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Some times we need to have an exact replica of the production database data to urgently test an issue encountered in production. If the production database is very large having a clone process running on the production server or taking a fresh full database backup just for the clone is also not desirable as well as they have potential performance implications.

So if we have a physical standby database in place (which is a block for block replica of production) why can we not use that database as a source for the clone – we don’t touch the production server.

We can briefly convert the physical standby database to a snapshot standby database and use the RMAN DUPLICATE FROM ACTIVE database to create the clone database without having to take a fresh full database backup.

This note describes the process of performing a database refresh or clone using the Data Guard Standby database as the source for the clone and not the production primary database.

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Performing a database clone using a Data Guard Snapshot Database



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