Port conflict with “Oracle Remote Method Invocation (ORMI)” during Grid Infrastructure install

After years of installing Grid Infrastructures, today I have got for the first time an error on something new:

$ /u01/app/grid/crs1840/gridSetup.sh -silent -responseFile /u01/app/grid/crs1840/inventory/response/CERNDB_Grid_Config.rsp ORACLE_HOME_NAME=crs1840
Launching Oracle Grid Infrastructure Setup Wizard...

[FATAL] [INS-13013] Target environment does not meet some mandatory requirements.
   CAUSE: Some of the mandatory prerequisites are not met. See logs for details. /tmp/GridSetupActions2018-11-13_12-40-03PM/gridSetupActions2018-11-13_12-40-03PM.log
   ACTION: Identify the list of failed prerequisite checks from the log: /tmp/GridSetupActions2018-11-13_12-40-03PM/gridSetupActions2018-11-13_12-40-03PM.log. Then either from the log file or from installation manual find the appropriate configuration to meet the prerequisites and fix it manually.

Looking at the logs (which I do not have now as I removed them as part of the failed install cleanup 🙁 ), the error is generated by the cluster verification utility (CVU) on this check:

Verifying Port Availability for component "Oracle Remote Method Invocation (ORMI)"

The components verified by the CVU can be found inside $ORACLE_HOME/cv/cvdata/. In my case, precisely:

$ grep -i ORMI $ORACLE_HOME/cv/cvdata/18/crsinst_prereq.xml
         <PORT NAME="Oracle Remote Method Invocation (ORMI)" VALUE="23791" PROTOCOL="TCP" NETWORK_TYPE="PUBLIC"/>
         <PORT NAME="Oracle Remote Method Invocation (ORMI)" VALUE="23792" PROTOCOL="TCP" NETWORK_TYPE="PUBLIC"/>

This check is critical, so the install fails.

In my case the port was used by mcollectived.

[root@server1 work]# netstat -anp | grep 23791

[root@server1 work]# netstat -anp | grep 23792
tcp 0 0 x.x.x.x:23792 x.x.x.x:61613 ESTABLISHED 2298/ruby

[root@server1 work]# ps -eaf | grep 2298
root 2298 1 0 11:16 ? 00:00:02 /opt/puppetlabs/puppet/bin/ruby /opt/puppetlabs/puppet/bin/mcollectived --config=/etc/puppetlabs/mcollective/server.cfg --pidfile=/var/run/puppetlabs/mcollective.pid --daemonize
root 47116 4114 0 12:50 pts/0 00:00:00 grep --color=auto 2298

The port has been taken dynamically, and previous runs of CVU did not encounter the problem.

A rare port conflict that might happen when configuring GI 🙂




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