Porting Data From MongoDB to MySQL Document Store in TWO Easy Steps

Porting data from MongoDB to the MySQL Document Store is very easy.  The example I will use is an example data set from the good folks at Mongo named zips.json that contains a list of US Postal Codes and can be found at http://media.mongodb.org/zips.json for your downloading pleasure.

I copied the file into the Downloads directory on my Unbuntu laptop and then fired up the new MySQL Shell.  After login, I created a new schema creatively named zips with session.createSchema('zips').  When then set the db object to this new schema with the command \use zips.

Creating a new schema named 'zips' and then informing the system that I wish to use this new schema as the db object

Now it is time to populate the schema with a collection for holding documents. The collection is named zip and is created with db.createCollection('zip') The next step is to read the zips.json file into the collection using Python

We need to create a new collection named zip in the schema we just created and then switch to Python mode to read in the data line by line and store it as a document in the zip collection.

You might want to go back and read the wonderful presentation and scripts by Giuseppe Maxia on loading MongoDB data into MySQL at https://github.com/datacharmer/mysql-document-store as he originated this very useful bit of code.

One thing that helps is that this data set has a _id field that the MySQL Document Store will grab and use as the InnoDB primary key.  I will have to brush up on my Python to extract another value from data sets to use for the _id field.

And we can now perform NoSQL searches on the data.

A NoSQL search of the data in the zip collection

Or SQL. First we have to change to SQL node with \sql and then search for the same record with SELECT * FROM zip WHERE _id='01010';

A SQL search of the data in the zip table

If you have questions about porting data from MongoDB into the MySQL Document Store or the Document Store in general, please drop me a line.



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