ProxySQL 1.4.6 and Updated proxysql-admin Tool Now in the Percona Repository

ProxySQL 1.4.5

ProxySQL 1.4.5ProxySQL 1.4.6, released by ProxySQL, is now available for download in the Percona Repository along with an updated version of Percona’s proxysql-admin tool.

ProxySQL is a high-performance proxy, currently for MySQL and its forks (like Percona Server for MySQL and MariaDB). It acts as an intermediary for client requests seeking resources from the database. René Cannaò created ProxySQL for DBAs as a means of solving complex replication topology issues.

The ProxySQL 1.4.6 source and binary packages available at include ProxySQL Admin – a tool, developed by Percona to configure Percona XtraDB Cluster nodes into ProxySQL. Docker images for release 1.4.6 are available as well: You can download the original ProxySQL from

This release fixes the following bugs in ProxySQL Admin:

Usability improvements:

  • #PSQLADM-32: Now, proxysql_admin script can configure multiple clusters in ProxySQL, when there are unique cluster names specified by the wsrep_cluster_name option, and the proxysql_admin.cnf configuration contains different ProxySQL READ/WRITE hostgroup and different application user for each cluster. Currently multiple clusters support is not compatible with host priority feature, which works only with a single cluster.
  • PR #81: The new version substantially increases the number of test cases in the ProxySQL Admin test-suite.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed #PSQLADM-35proxysql_galera_checker monitoring script was unable to discover new writer nodes.
  • Fixed #PSQLADM-36: upgrade to ProxySQL 1.4.5 from the previous version was broken.
  • Fixed #79 by properly quoting the MONITOR_USERNAME environment variable in the admin script query.

ProxySQL is available under OpenSource license GPLv3.



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