Releasing ProxySQL 1.4.8

ProxySQL 1.4.8

Proudly announcing the release of the latest stable release of ProxySQL 1.4.8 as of the 11th April 2018.

ProxySQL is a high performance, high availability, protocol aware proxy for MySQL. It can be downloaded here, and freely usable and accessible according to GPL license.

ProxySQL 1.4.8 includes a number of important improvements and bug fixes including:


  • Transaction status is now tracked at the level of a connection and persisted even if the transaction status is unknown
  • Several improvements and fixes introduced for prepared statements management, purging and handling
  • Automatically processing of uncompressed packets even if wrongly marked as compressed
  • ProxySQL will gracefully shutdown if proxysql_stats.db is not writable
  • Fixed a missing RW lock which would lead to a crash while processing prepared statements
  • Due to a typo it was impossible to use Cluster functionality to sync mysql_users without also syncing mysql_servers
  • Incorrect prepared statement metadata was being erased
  • Improved LAST_INSERT_ID tracking #1421
  • Added support for utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci


  • SERVER_STATUS_NO_BACKSLASH_ESCAPES flag was missing for SQLite3 backends
  • Bug fix for memory leak in LOAD MYSQL SERVERS TO RUNTIME
  • Add support for wildcard in mysql_query_rules.client_addr
  • Handling any type of quoting on MySQL variables (i.e. single / double quote)


  • Do not consider ProxySQL's backends unhealthy if the monitor user is unable to login
  • Added logic to disable monitoring of servers not responding to ping - this commit also prevents shunned nodes from coming back online if they are missing pings as well as reduced pinging.


  • Use the right schema for new connections to ClickHouse (i.e. default or specified)
  • Added support for nullable columns
  • Added handling for SET WAIT_TIMEOUT when using a ClickHouse backend


  • Disabled brotli and libssh in curl (compile/build)
  • Added SHA1 checksums for packages

A special thanks to all the people that reports bugs: this makes each version of ProxySQL better than the previous one.

Please report any bugs or feature requests on github issue tracker



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