Sell Me on Oracle SQLcl in 50 Seconds

Why would I use SQLcl over something else?

History recap: we introduced a new command-line interface for the Oracle Database in 2016. It’s everything you like about SQL*Plus, and everything you didn’t like about SQL*Plus – fixed.

Do you have a minute?

Watch this, then take 10 seconds to consider how YOU might use it.

Sold yet?

Everyday Things, Easier

Just in 50 seconds I showed you:

  1. Object completion
  2. In-line editing
  3. Automatic SQL Formatting (pretty and CSV)

There’s so much more there though. Better takes on DESC, SQL History, new commands like CTAS, DDL. The ability to change your directory for spooling and @ files (cd).

If you’d like a longer take, here’s a 50 minute full presentation on SQLcl I did earlier this year.

Or if you just want to click through some slides right-quick:

Yes, it’s an Official Product

It’s included with your Database license. It’s distributed with the database. And it’d covered by My Oracle Support. We also give you quarterly updates with new features and bug fixes. We also have our own OTN Space Community (message board.)




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