Service Provider CKI: Designs Oracle SuperCluster Cloud for U.S. Government




Knowledge Inc. articulates Oracle transformational engineered systems
infrastructure and methodologies consult with the United States government to
reduced costs and increased operational efficiencies.

Oracle SuperCluster Solution

· Unified
backup mechanism using external ZFS storage backup appliance (ZBA)

· Active data
recovery plan consists of Active Data Guard configuration with asynchronous
redo shipping between the Production site location and the disaster recovery

· Runs custom
Java applications, IBM WebSphere, 11gR2

· Oracle
customer replaced an existing IBM mainframe circa 1990s with Oracle

Oracle SuperCluster Performance Results

· Massive
improvements in performance, performed 14 million SQL execution per hour with
.07 second response time

· 9x increase
transactions processed

· 10x
performance improvement over previous environment

· 30x workload
throughput improvement over IBM Mainframe and 10x number of users

· Work done in
1 day by Oracle SuperCluster equals 30 days of work from replaced for IBM

· Up to 30x
performance improvement for 18,000 users

· 7.4 million
transactions per hour with a .7ms response time



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