Setting Grid Infrastructure 18c Oracle Home name during the install

A colleague has been struggling for some time in order to get the correct Oracle Home name for the Grid Infrastructure18.3.0 when running

In the graphical Oracle Universal Installer there is no way (as far as we could find) to set the Home name. Moreover, it was our intention to automate the install of Grid Infrastructure.

The complete responsefile ($OH/inventory/response/oracle.crs_Complete.rsp) contains the parameter:

#Name       : ORACLE_HOME_NAME
#Datatype   : String
#Description: Oracle Home Name. Used in creating folders and services.

However, when using a responsefile with such parameter, fails with the error:

Cause - Syntactically incorrect response file.
Either unexpected variables are specified or expected variables are not specified in the response file.
Action - Refer the latest product specific response file template
Summary  - cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content was found starting with element 'ORACLE_HOME_NAME'.
One of '{..... long list .....}' is expected.

After some tries (and a SR), this happens to actually work:

  • strip the ORACLE_HOME_NAME parameter from the responsefile
  • pass it as a double-quoted parameter at the end of the command line

./ -debug -responseFile inventory/response/Grid_Config.rsp "ORACLE_HOME_NAME=YourGIHomeName"




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